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by The People's Republic of Andusre. . 42 reads.

The Prevention of Inappropriately Early Snap Elections amendment

Author: Andusre
Sponsor: Andusre

Preamble: Noting the recent circumstances regarding the Presidential election - where the president-elect lost the presidency within days of winning the election due to losing citizenship, resulting in a snap election to the ire of many Thaecians - and seeking to prevent such a situation arising again,

Congress hereby agrees to the following:

Article I - Constitutional Amendment

Noting that Article VIII, Section V of the Constitution states the following:

  • Section V - If there is no clear successor (e.g. a deputy), an snap election shall be held for elected posts.

The following text shall be added to Article VIII, Section V:

In the event that an elected official no longer occupies their position (for whatever reason, for example due to their resignation or if they are recalled) within 14 days of the most recent election, the results from the previous election shall be used to determine the successor. In the Prime Ministry and Presidential elections, the runner-up candidate will be invited to assume the vacant post. In the Senate and House of Commons, the candidate who secured the largest number of votes but who failed to gain a seat will be invited to fill the vacant seat. In the event that an invited candidate refuses to take up the seat, the next most popular candidate will be invited, and so on until either someone accepts the position, or until there are no more candidates left to ask. In the event of the latter, a snap election must be called. If the 3rd most popular candidate refuses the post, the 4th most popular candidate will not be invited to fill the seat and a snap election will be called.