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by The People's Republic of Andusre. . 63 reads.

Amendments to LR 8 (The Legal Code)

Author: Andusre, Broustan
Sponsor: Andusre

Preamble: Noting several flaws exist in the Legal Code and are currently uncorrected, and seeking to remove these flaws,

Congress hereby agrees on the following amendments:

Article I - Amendments

Section I - Blackmail

Noting that the current definition of blackmail under LR 8 is as follows:

"Blackmail will be defined as threatening to commit doxxing or release anything that is not a public information which may harm a citizen's reputation, in order to win something."

The definition of blackmail will be changed to the following:

Blackmail will be defined as coercing, whether successfully or not, one or more individual(s) into doing something against their will by threatening them with an action which would harm them in some way. Examples of threats include threatening to file a court case against someone, the PM threatening to fire a minister, doxxing threats, et cetera.

Section II - Abuse of Government Powers

The phrase expressed in bold shall be removed from the definition of abuse of government powers:

The use of government powers or institutions in order to promote or oppose a certain party or candidate. Example: The use of Communication powers in order to send a region-wide telegram campaigning on behalf or against a candidate.

Article II - An addition

Section I - Intention to Commit a Crime

Intention to Commit a Crime shall be added to the legal code. It shall be defined as when one person has the intention to commit a crime, as defined by the laws of this region.