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"Tla in tlaltikpaktli miki, ti tleko nik kui iaxka tlan."
Tototl Proverb

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The Labyrinth, also called The Veil, or The Wastes, is a massive stellar cloud, approximately 1,300 light years in width, and around 700 light years in length. It is largely regarded as a gigantic stellar anomaly that is hostile to most, if not all, life. Numerous ships have gone in and been reported missing, with their wrecks having never been found. To date, no ship has entered the Labyrinth and returned, with various theories on what happened to the ships.

A primary property of the Labyrinth that is almost universally cited as the reason for lack of exploration of the region is the various FTL and Navigation related anomalies. According to tests and other documented effects of the Labyrinth's edges, Hyperspace is at the very least mildly disrupted, causing frequent stops and in some cases total hyperdrive failure. According to those sames documents, Warp is outright disabled by what is dubbed 'The Barrier'. Said barrier easily disrupts the warp bubbles of many if not all starships, making warp travel theoretically impossible in the Labyrinth. Slipspace is thought to work, however it has been stated that with the current theories on the Labyrinth, Slipspace will most likely prove difficult if not impossible.





Complete failure of warp drive / collapse of warp bubble



Heighten hyperdrive instability


Slipstream Space

Difficulty in Navigation


1. Percentage of Failure is predicted to rise the deeper a vessel goes into the Labyrinth.
2. Slipstream Travel has not been tested in the Labyrinth.

Another common property is the lack of insight into the region. The Labyrinth's thick, anomalous walls have blocked even the most powerful telescopes, and their anomalous properties have blocked all communication that passes through them, leaving the Labyrinth as a rather large, unexplored area of space.

Opaque: Communal Territory, including Client Species. Transparent: Extent of the Labyrinth.