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Establishment of Lunar Colony

July 1st, 1981
The Prime Minister would like to announce the founding of a settlement on the Moon, this first visitation of the body since humans left it's surface 48 years previous (as of 2020/1981*), the name of the settlement will be "New Britain", and this will be the start of colonization efforts on the Moon, since there is sufficient orbital infrastructure in the form of the Rhodesian Orbital Fleet as well as several space stations, this will make supplying the colony that much easier, it will be envisioned that the colony will serve as a hub for other colonies that may arise on the lunar surface, the national airline, Rhodesian Airways, have secured a contract with the colony to ferry passengers to and from the Moon, using the new Oxbridge SP-100 Spaceplane.

*Southeast Rhodesia uses a calendar system which is the same as the Gregorian calendar, only that its 39 years behind, i.e.