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RNMSA Begins Development!

Royal Nigaria aims for the stars!

The nation of Royal Nigaria has began its plans to start the 'Royal Nigarian Military Space Agency', with billions being poured into the nations newest military escapade!

The current plan for The Princes is choosing the lucky General to take charge of this monumental tasking, while also planning on the first course of action when the space agency is set up. Will it focus on scientific gains? Will it take a militaristic approach? All is unknown in this exciting time for the great country.

It is estimated that well over 5 billion Rokas are going to be pumped into the space agency within the year, in the hopes of kickstarting a new age to Nigaria's already prospering economy. However, only time will tell how this escapade ends. Success or failure, whichever comes, the outcome will still result in the worlds nations paying close attention to the exciting times ahead.


Nigaria Post, 05/07/2020