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[Education Ministry] Congressional Internship Programme


This factbook describes the new Congressional Internship Programme, hosted by the Education Ministry.

What is the programme?

The programme is an opportunity for new nations (interns) to get involved in the region's law-making process and for current legislators (mentors) to help share their skills with the next generation of political leaders in the region (and if you want to take a more cynical point of view, to improve their own CV for a future election). It is completely voluntary programme on both ends, but we strongly recommend involving yourself in the programme if you're new and interested in running for the Thaecian Congress.

What will the programme involve?

The Education Ministry plans to take a relaxed stance with respect to what is done to promote a friendship/sense of camaraderie between mentors and interns, with some basic ground rules and minimum expectations. Mentors, at minimum, are expected to regularly consult their interns with the current business of their chamber and encourage the interns to form and debate their own opinions about something. Interns are expected to respect their mentors and engage with the discussions the mentors seek to talk about.

What do I do to get involved in the programme?

It's simple: just telegram (on NS) or DM (on Discord) Andusre (discord tag is #Yeet9719)!

What are the rules of the programme?

The rules will be mainly for the mentors.

  • Mentors should not try to indoctrinate their interns. Doing so is abuse of a position of trusted responsibility.

  • All partakers in the programme should remain appropriately respectful and kind to their partners

  • Mentors should bear in mind that though they are the more senior partner in the programme, their opinions and convictions are no more important than Interns. The purpose of this programme is to train newcomers with the skills to be a legislator, not to form a social hierarchy.

Those who break these rules will be dealt with accordingly, at the discretion of the Education Ministry. Repeated/serious violations may result in exclusion from the programme.

What if I don't like my partner?

It is only naturaly that some people have disagreements with their partners. Whether that's because of severe disagreement over policy, or if one party is neglecting the other, situations are inevitable. If you'd like to flag up an issue with your partner, or if you want to change your partner, contact the Education Ministry (preferably Andusre, as per above). We will review the situation from there.

Current Members

[to be presented in tabular form in time]

Mentors - Andusre

Interns - N/A