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The Bluecrown Gazette

Formation of the Bluecrown Government

After being the Temporary Prime Minister during the Provincial Government, Sorianora, and Plus Nova Imperii was Elected as Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister respectively, and has put The Democratic Torch, in power. Meanwhile in the Legisterium, Ethical Anarchy, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Brtiannian America has become members of the Magistrate and Commons respectively. The Dream of Kirby has been appointed as Defense Minister

Regional Updates

The Roleplay Has begun. Prime Minister Sorianora has announced that The Map Roleplay can begin. Unsurprisingly an International Tension has occurred, with Indian Invasion of British Southern India, with Russian and Italian support to India. After many Violence and Diplomatic Telegrams, the British have surrendered, and a Peace Settlement is currently being made.

The Discord Roles Act passed through The Legisterium. This Act have given Members of the Bluecrown Keep Discord Server an access to Roles based on their Positions with the Government. The Law, proposed by Birtannian America was passed through the Commons, and approved by His Majesty and the Magistrate, the Bill was enacted.

Recently, Secretary of State, Yes Humans are Recyclable, has announced to the Government, that he will begin to design a New Flag of Bluecrown Keep to match the Recently created Coat of Arms, created by King Dom XII. The Flag is expected to be released soon

Monthly Interview
In this Monthly Interview, Prime Minister Sorianora has stated he hopes to finish The Government by working with the Officers and founder and polishing everything up, and wants to keep the Democratic Torch as a Major Party, and produce other Prime Ministers. He has also stated that he wishes to run Again as Prime Minister, but not next Election, and also says that he will run about one out of every four Elections.


Im gonna make a new flag for the region telegram me what youd want on for ideas - Yes Humans Are Recyclable

Ok guys I will do Map updates every day at 12 pm est and 5 - Sorianora

Alright time to launch the Bluecrown Gazette - Plus Nova Imperii

Do you have to pay for recruitment stamps? - Ethical Anarchy

So they win automatically. Yay Sori! Just send me your Council Minister proposals! - Dominioan

The Bluecrown Gazette, est. 2020