by Max Barry

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by The Most Serene Republic of Norkavaya. . 56 reads.

a fanfic or something idk...

(A/N: I'm sorry...)
Chapter One
The sun was rising over First World Order, there was something intoxicating in the air... it was love, which brings us to a lonely young girl called Jodilee, she lived her life in the safety zone, but there is no medication for falling head over heels, FBAE rushed towards her. "Did it hurt?" FBAE said, the gentle light glistening on his chiseled features. "Not as much as all these years of yearning for you" she said, her heart in her mouth; without further ado, they kissed, their lips crashing against each other, forever oblivious to the world around them.

Interlude One
Jodilee enters the scene and Flamingo by Kero Kero Bonito starts playing in the background.
"WHAT THE- where did that music come from!?"
"It starts playing whenever I enter a room, you'll get used to it soon..."
"Oh, so it's like your theme song?"
"I guess so..."
"Anyway, here I am!" said Norkavaya as she kicked the door open and entered the room, "Guess what!" she shouted.
Jodi and FBAE let out a collective groan, "What?" they said unenthusiastically. "I'm giving up!" said Norka, "I'm giving up!" she repeated. "Why?" asked Risoette, poking her head through the window. "Why not?" said Norka, a bit startled by Ris' sudden appearance.