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TAZE Discord Server Discussions

Talitoa, this will be your guide for what we’re doing in the server.

Aiv: How about we do a TAZE summit to official form it?

^ SUNDAY 10amPDT, Tali you’re attending, make a representative

Moon and Mars are TAZE territory, common heritage of mankind, blah blah blah, Mercury and Titan are Aiv’s, Enceladus, Ganymede, Europa, and Callisto are underway for colonization

- Trukya, Daravon, Morlockland, and Astoria fall apart for one reason or another after JarJar leaves
- The Confederacy decides to leave the U-2 universe after Jar Jar is vanquished, for some reason
- Rest of TAMDEG that doesn't collapse void the alliance since half the alliance has collpased and world peace is a thing
- Some big event some X years after Jar Jar lead to reformation of TAMDEG under a new successor alliance

Saint Wood Pigeon and Darth Jar Jar (who have already teamed up) try to take out TAMDEZ nations, because they were the biggest threats to Jar Jar before.
*Introduce Aivintis as a member of TAZE

I think all of the ex-TAMDEZ nations have either dissolved (TMD) or moved on without the “alliance” (AETZ), interacting with each other and SC occasionally but not often, some big event happens (relying on sc for that) and the former TAMDEZ nations have to “ally” again, probably with tensions and mixed results as always

*bring back Sonoma
*bring back Thomas and Dmitri
*standardize interdimensional transport
*42 years after TAMDEZ events