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by The Constitutional Monarchy of The Remainder of the Russian Empire. . 35 reads.

Overview of our very small people

Our people are the loyalists that escaped the USSR. We have very little territory, Almost no support, and no Allies. We survive off Hardship.

(Scam) Though our Czar has been named duke of New Casetaria, and King of Kingdom Of Casetaria. (Probably a scam.)

Third Soviet Union Kidnapped our Tsar, and masscred a village of people in my nation. Sadly, the Vice-Tsar, Head General, The Secretary of state, and Russian Rambo were killed that day. Most of the population was hunted down, and killed, there is only a few settlements on the main land left. The rest are on some islands off the coast of Siberia. We are rebuilding our society.

Third Soviet Union Met with our Tsar, accepted our Non-Aggression pact, Temporary Alliance, and Free passage, he even built a city for our people to go to.

Shadow Dealer set up a Firearms and other things related Black market so it would boost our economy.

The doggos free land set up bEpis in our nation to boost our economy.

Third Soviet Union Massacred, and Gulaged our people for the third time, and this time he exiled us to North America.