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by The Constitutional Monarchy of The Remainder of the Russian Empire. . 101 reads.

The Protection Pact (Also Non-Islam Pact)

This pact is a Defensive/Allied Pact for protection as well as the Non-Islam Pact.
This Pact was founded. It has merged with the Templar Order, in a way. So all members here that want to join Templar can, do so without doing any process. [b]But this pact is about Nations that aren't Islamic, We are not against Islamic nations, we just aren't Islamic.[/b]
[nation]Franco-British-American Empire[/nation] is the leader of the other pact.

Leader and Founder: [nation]The Remainder of the Russian Empire[/nation]
Head General and Vice Leader: [strike][nation]Third Soviet Union[/nation][/strike] (Gone)
Law Reader: [nation]Fifth Russian Empire[/nation]
General: [nation]The Newest Prussian State[/nation]
General: [nation]Prussia and danzig[/nation]
Head Organizer: [nation]SCP Faudation[/nation]
Organizer: [nation]Newest Republic of Texas[/nation]
[b]Watch Guard and Balkan Member:[/b] [strike][nation]The Fascist Balkan Federation[/nation][/strike] (He abandoned this and went to his alt.)
[b]Law Reader and Balkan Member:[/b] [nation]The Communist Balkan Federation[/nation]

Founding members:
[nation]Umbrella Corpation[/nation],
[nation]The Ninth German Reich[/nation],
[nation]International Parks Service[/nation],
and [nation]Pewds Supporters[/nation]