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IAFF - Join Our Football Roleplay Today!

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Join the IAFF today!

⚽ What is the IAFF? ⚽

The Interregional Association of Football Federations (IAFF) is a Discord-based Linkassociation football roleplay (you might know the sport just as soccer or football). Unlike most other sports roleplays which are based on the NationStates forums, we use Discord because it is a more accessible platform for engaging fully in this fun and interactive activity.

⚽ How does it work? ⚽

When you first join, you will be asked to create a team lineup and some team details, like your coach and home stadium. If you don't know much about the sport, there are plenty of experienced football nerds willing to lend a hand! Once you have done that, you can get involved in our year-wide schedule, with weekly friendlies and special cups (the World Cup and Mid-Season Cup) every six months. To have a better chance of winning your matches, you can roleplay news stories, team announcements, and match previews or reviews, for example. Each match counts towards the LinkIAFF Rankings!

⚽ How can I join? ⚽

It is super easy! Just join Linkour server and follow the simple instructions on the welcome page to become an IAFF member.

Don't want to become a member just yet?
Feel free to join Linkour server and request to watch as a visitor.

Have more questions?
Telegram Llorens or Discord DM him (@Llo#1475).

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