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GA resolution Repeal: "Supporting and Valuing the Humanities"

General Assembly Vote Recommendation

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Resolution at Vote: Repeal: "Supporting and Valuing the Humanities"
Vote Recommendation: No Recommendation

Resolution Analysis
"Repeal: 'Supporting and Valuing the Humanities'" seeks to strike out its target resolution on the basis of poor management of the World Assembly General Fund pursuant to the implementation of its mandates. The specific concerns presented are twofold: they include the resolution not placing strict enough limitations on the acquisition or use of WA funds, potentially permitting member nations to acquire funding they don't need to use on wasteful programs of no practical benefit; and the resolution's wording arguably requiring all funding to be ceased after receiving any mere report of improper use of funding, potentially stripping member nations of all WA funds due to frivolous reports. Additionally, the presence of other extant resolutions dealing with education means that the negative consequences of repealing the target will not be too severe.

However, these arguments are the subject of a not insignificant level of controversy. Opponents of this repeal argue that the resolution does not, in fact, mandate that all funds be ceased due to any reports, as the intended meaning of "funds" is clear in the context of the legislation. Additionally, the resolution does not actually lay out a concrete process for the submission of reports of improper use of funding, nor does it explicitly authorize the filing of reports. Further, this is inherently a technicality-based repeal, and the absence of any planned replacement does this attempt no favors.

We feel that this is a unique case in which we cannot readily offer a concrete recommendation in one direction or another. For this reason, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs issues no recommendation on which way to vote on the General Assembly proposal "Repeal: 'Supporting and Valuing the Humanities'", and instead urges individual nations to make an informed decision on the matter with the above points in mind.

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