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Marsunian Government

The Auri Dynasty


the government of the Marsunian people is one of an absolute monarchy with all power invested within the monarch herself serving as the undisputed leader of the many Marsunian villages, cities and towns that are scattered all around the Marsunian homeworld of Misuriath being lead by various leaders of the most savage warlords to the most gentle and compassionate of governors and other local rulers her command is absolute and her authority is without question while the nation exists under an authoritarian or at worst dictatorial leadership the current Dynasty has shown signs of compassion especially during its most earliest of foundings

when the first of many travelers descended from the heavens and made the world of Misuriath their home much to the dismay of some of the local populations while the center of such a dynasty is located within the largest of many Marsunian cities Ayua home to close to three quarters of a million Marsunians many of whom being former refugees ordered to make way for the living space of the heavens descended the Auri Dynasty has been able to maintain a state of coexistance with the heavens descended

Status and Titles

within the Dynasty exists a ridged structure of various classes of citizens alike from the royals to the commoners themselves such a system seems alien to many unknown of their purpose and roles within yet to those born within their purpose and way of life within these various classes help bring them guidance as this section will now explain



  1. Quarin [Unskilled Labor] Peasants

  2. Na'Quarin [Skilled Labor] Specalists

Non Citizens

  1. Aduieai [Traveler] Foreigner

  2. Aduieai'Ji [Sacred Traveler] Ambassador


  1. Cari'Zen [Non Professional warrior] Militiamen

  2. Nar'Tia [Professional warrior] Knights


  1. Den'Varl [Professional Expert] Advisor

  2. Itarul'Var [Royal Professional] Royal Advisor


  1. Na'Taul [Royal Warrior] Royal Knight

  2. Devar Ouitean [Royal Member] Prince

  3. Devar Usiuazen [Royal Member] Princess

  4. Ouitean [Royal Leader] Emperor

  5. Usiuazen [Royal Leader] Empress