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by The Medical Dictatorship of HMS NHS. . 79 reads.

IS#16 Motion to Amend and Expand the Government Act 2020 and the Code of Law

This Motion:

The Imperial Senate,
PLEASED that the Government Act 2020 has become a major document in the Imperial Senate;

REMINDING the Imperial Senate of the work that has gone into the act by The Corporate States of Aeioux and The Medical Dictatorship of HMS NHS;

ASSERTING that the act does not include sufficient duties for the Vice-President of the Imperial Senate;

FURTHER asserting that the act does not include enough duties for the Secretary of the Department of Defence, which is now a powerful Department;

REALIZING that the act has no official punishment in the Code of Law;

Hereby orders:
  1. The expansion of the Government Act 2020 to include:

    • III.iii.c: The Secretary must keep a public record of all conflicts within the region.

    • III.v.a: The Vice-President must be available to help any Imperial Senator in formatting motions and legislation.

    • III.v.b: The Vice-President must verify that that motions meet the official standard

  2. The amendment of the Government Act 2020 to read:

    • III.iii.b: The Secretary must do everything in their power to prevent potential conflicts from arising within the region.

    • The President must keep a public historical record of timespans for which the Cabinet members hold their positions, starting from the 16th of May 2020.

    • The President must sign all approved motions with the Presidential Seal

  3. The expansion of the Code of Law to include:

    • 4.IX: This body hereby declares any violation of the Government Act 2020 to be illegal

Confederation of Corrupt Dictators
Authored by:
Dame Anastasia Clarke HCS, Vice-President of the Imperial Senate, The Medical Dictatorship of HMS NHS
Hail the Confederation