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The Story of the Soup Legion

The story of the Soup Legion

Back, long long ago, before Nation States and even before the big bang, there existed an individual known only as Soup. A celestial, one of very few beings existent in such a small universe, and then came the big bang, the universe exploding into proportions unreal to a celestial of such a small size. And as the universe became increasingly massive, this Soup realized just how small he truly was. He was but a speck, in a universe unfathomably large. But he still held great power.

He watched as planets grew around him, life blooming, something from nothing. Life was truly a beautiful thing to such a small creature. And he continued to watch as that life flourished, evolving, growing, gaining knowledge previously unpossessed. Or at least unpossessed by none but the celestials. And not every celestial was happy with that.

It is an odd truth many believe about celestials that they cannot feel emotion, when really nothing could be further from the truth. Celestials could feel emotion stronger than anyone in the universe. Unfortunately that did not only include the better emotions. And so as societies around the universe began to grow and learn and move, faster than the celestials were truly ever able to, many felt jealousy stronger than any human ever had. And many succumbed to it. Their lights dimmed, prepared to spread darkness among life, force it to destroy itself. The celestials left lit tried to stop them, return them to the light, but alas bad emotions are often stronger than those of light. And as societies peaked, regions began to form, communities grow, the dark celestials escaped, the rest dead or lost. Or... almost. One celestial survived, Soup. But what could a simple soup do against dozens of dark celestials? Well he wasnít alone.

Life is a fighter. Spread the darkness and they will fight it with every fiber of their existence. You donít arm wrestle life with your left hand. And so as darkness arrived, it was met with resistance. Many regions resisted and could not fight back, others purged it. But as this darkness became more apparent, the universe gifted life with a weapon. Masked as cards, the trading cards are filled with light, light to fight back against the plague of darkness. And some powerful beings began to collect these, becoming more powerful, warriors to fight for the worlds they fight for.

And after all this time, Soup knew what he could do. So he touched a being with his light. And that being would be his envoy, his general, the person who would lead a legion to find these weapons. An army built on kindness, on bringing those weapons to those great warriors fighting against the tide of darkness. And so The Soup Legion was born. Selfless people, willing to give away their cards to the great warriors of the land. The barracks was built, and the legion came forth. Seekers, soldiers, an army of kindness, led by a celestial.

And the war rages on...