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New York Times | Trump Tours MidEast

The President's arrival in Cairo, Wendesday evening.

By PAUL STEIN | February 2020


      CAIRO President Trump arrived in Cairo, Egypt Wednesday evening Cairo time, starting a tour of Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. It is the President's intention to bolster relations with the four countries amid the myriad of concerns in the region. The presidential tour visits shall last approximately 5 days, with this being the President's first visit to the Middle East since May 2018 Jerusalem embassy move and the subsequent visit in June 2018 to the restored Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Mr. Trump has previously visited the Empire of Iran in March 2017, early in his Presidency. The visit comes as acts of Russian aggression against the Syria nation continue, as conflict occurs on the borders between Yugoslavia and Greece, the latter conflict, Mr. Trump has joked about potentially "nuclearizing" both Greece and Yugoslavia to force a peace, something later walked back as a joke by Mr. Trump.

      On the first of the agenda, President Moustafa Masih of Egypt has often downplayed the Wuhan Virus, otherwise known as COVID-19, much as Mr. Trump has, who recently at a South Carolina rally decried the Democrats' concern over the threat of the virus as a "Hoax". It would doubt the intention of Mr. Trump to see a vast peace between Israel and its' Arab neighbors, as Jared Kushner, husband to Ivanka Trump and Senior White House Advisor has been pushing for Israeli-Arab reconciliation since the embassy move to Jerusalem, and something Mr. Trump believes will leave his legacy upon the Middle East, beyond the liberation of Saudi Arabia. Despite Sudan not being on the list, the White House has stated its intention to welcome Sudanese Prime Minister Hatim Al-Sir to Washington, as Mr. Trump also intentions to touch on the issue of the Halayib triangle for "both sides".

      Following Mr. Trump's visit to Egypt, Israel follow, then Saudi Arabia and finally Iran, where the President is expected to stay two days in Tehran.

      This is a Developing Story.

      Paul Stein, current New York Times correspondent based in Riyhad,
      on Paramerican-Arab Affairs.