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News about the Memel Province

Memel has been under Lithuanian rule since 1991, but since yesterday’s Germanic nationalist bombing, relations with neighboring state Teutonia have begun to heat up. PM Ägidius Lexer and PM Vita Krugeliene discuss the matter in the Memel Summit. The type of summit will be a judicial summit. Nine other nations will make up the jury to reach the verdict.

On September 15th, 2020, five bombs went off in the eastern Memel Province Parliamentary Building at 8:35 PM. Three minutes later, two more bombs went off in the southern building. A total of 296 people were killed in the attack, with another 20584 injured.

“Memel has suffered enough from the Soviets, and the Canadians tried to negotiate with the Russians to allow Eastern Germans to live in one state,” states Lexer. “If we let Memel be annexed by Teutonia, Oliver’s dreams of an Eastern Germanic State will be fulfilled.”

"We will not negotiate with these terrorists, nor will we ever let the Germans unify under one banner. The last time the Germans tried to unite, the world was nearly destroyed," states Krugeliene, "that is why we need to keep the Germans separated. They must not destroy the world."

After three days of the summit, the verdict has been reached. Memel will remain under Lithuanian rule, and the terrorists responsible in Teutonia will be brought to justice by the Lithuanian government.