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URGENT: Skaturg 3 is 97.1% effective according to the Ludonesk Research Institute

Government announces new economic stimulus package


The Minister of the National Treasury had a meeting with the Emperor and the Prime Minister earlier today at 06:20 am. After the meeting Ygor Shaska spoke to the press.

Ygor Shaska: Emperor decided to authorize our new industry subsidy package. In the past few days our grants have allowed Notrumbian's average disposable income to increase by more than NR $ 300.00, our goal is for that income to increase by more than NR $ 1,500.00. We believe that industry, commerce, retail are responding to our tax cuts and investments in industry and therefore we believe that this should continue.

Notrumbia overturns emigration law


After years of prohibiting citizens from leaving the country, Notrumbia has now overturned the emigration law and allowed Notrumbians to leave the country and exchange abroad.
The repeal of this law was a promise from Emperor Faayr IV on the day of his coronation, he said that it was necessary to continue the economic and social opening of Notrumbia to the world.
One of the citizens benefiting from the repeal of the law is Ludoneskian Timur Savin, who intends to do a student exchange in Godrichy.
The Arelosov Palace said in a statement that it is necessary to maintain the opening of Notrumbia and that this is a Emperor government program.

Why did the government violently repress separatist movements?


Today the army has arrested more than 73,000 separatists and the army has taken control of the streets of three Notrumbian states. The governors of these states had asked for federal aid after actions by armed separatists in various locations. According to the police, the separatists used legalized hunting weapons and illegal machine guns.
It is not the first time that the Central Government of Notrumbia has carried out operations like this with the use of the army and federal forces. A nation as large and as diverse as Notrumbia needs a strong government that responds quickly to insurgencies, otherwise Notrumbia would not be a big country today.
The separatists showed that although they are small in number they can do damage, some of them clashed with the police and even took whole blocks of hostages. The citizens applauded the arrival of the army and when armed men arrested the rebels.

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1. Government announces new economic stimulus package
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4. Why did the government violently repress separatist movements?

Parliament and Emperor declare emergency state


The Federal Government has declared a emergency state from now on after separatist movements in the country. More than twenty thousand separatists were arrested and the army took to the streets indefinitely. The process also concentrates power in the executive, judicial and legislative branches and authorizes the Emperor to appoint members for all spheres of these institutions.

Snowstorm in Notrumbia drops temperatures and causes traffic jam


An off-season storm brought temperatures down across continental Notrumbia. Some cities like Nataliska and Chingrad have declared a state of emergency and requested federal aid.
As of 10 am today, Arelosov Palace reported that it had not yet received a request for federal aid from these cities but said it had sent climate emergency forces to help those cities and Valingrad.
Dozens of schools have closed in Ludonesk and there are traffic jams in many locations this morning.

Notrumbia launches project for the future


The Federal Government today launched a project for the future of Notrumbia that includes sustainability and a greater opening of the domestic market to the outside. The project's Commerce Secretary said Notrumbia will engage with more countries outside the ULN to establish more alliances and create international forums in order to strengthen the country's economic and social development.
The project includes everything from an investment plan to increase the country's rail network, which will connect all provinces and regions, to the reform of the government website, which will be more accessible and transparent. There is also a plan to encourage the creation of a national solar battery system, which will replace the coal and nuclear power plant, in addition to investments in technology companies and the so-called "internet of things", which aims to create smart cities in Notrumbia, such as already exists in Nikoland. The city chosen to receive the first tests of 6G connectivity with public transport and other things was the capital Ludonesk.

The Ministry of Health reported that it started vaccinating the population with the Skaturg 3 vaccine, from the Ludonesk Laboratory.



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