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Baloo Kingdom wrote:This region is a relatively young and active region that has a deeper history than on first glance. The final link in the pinned dispatch section of our WFE has more information.

Hi, Baloo here! Welcome to my informative dispatch on the story I will call, "The Saga of Bruxxa". This will inform you of the detailed history of our wonderful region, Bluecrown Keep. A lot of work went into this dispatch and is still being put into it, so I hope this is both informative and interesting for you. Surely the amount of the countless stories to be told cannot be contained in any amount of volumes. But to chronicle the saga, I can start with the founding of an unsuspectingly important nation...

Section 1: A Little Nation Called Bruxxa

The exact founding date of Bruxxa is unclear but the current best estimate is 7/25/19 in an also unknown Pacific sector. To the knowledge of some, he moved to Eientei Gensokyo the next day, where he stayed for a while and made many friends including Koishi Komeiji, and foes. Not much else is known, however current studies of RMB posts are revealing more and more evidence every month. Due to role-play inactivity in the region and an unfortunate event regarding Dominion Remnants however, he left Eientei Gensokyo for The Glorious Nations of Iwaku on 1/16/20, as they were partnered regions of each other. Once in Iwaku, Bruxxa's path to greatest was set in stone. During his stay in Iwaku, he made many friends such as the now-CTEd T-34s and Realm of the neko goddess, The Strangers Club, and others. His time there was peaceful, with minor debates here and there, until a particular incident occurred.

Section 2: The Grieve Tan Tragedy

In his time in The Glorious Nations of Iwaku also befriended many young nations such as myself, Springtraplegendary, Volykos, Plus Nova Imperii, Barrow Cove, Tweeby land II, Furghas (which he met on the forums and was a puppet Dominioan), La Aduana, Red Flame Nation, and various important others. LordShuckle (soon to be Sorianora) was also loosely affiliated with him due to myself. One particular puppet nation of his called Grieve tan was allegedly in part used by an irl friend of Bruxxa's, which led to a problem. Grieve tan was often accused of spamming, harassment, and random playful "annoyances". A nation that for the sake of privacy, I will call, "S", eventually sentenced Bruxxa to banishment from Iwaku for being affiliated with Grieve. In sadness, he, and a small number of his friends, moved to a region that he had previous founded, The Tavern, using a puppet of the same name, on 1/29/20. Bruxxa appointed myself, T-34s, and Springtraplegendary, as the first regional officers for The Tavern. Thus beginning Bruxxa's role as a leader, and his inevitable rise to regional power and prestige.

Section 3: The Tavern

Not too many things happened in the early days of The Tavern. Most days were full of recruiting, simple conversation, and establishing RO's and ties with other regions. The infamous nation "Ink Pink" joined the region on 2/13/20 and left a few weeks after. Haruhi Japan, whose alt account, The Strangers Club, had been in part responsible for Bruxxa's ban from Iwaku joined the region on 2/17/20 and began to become very closely affiliated to The Tavern and its growth. New members such as Barrow Cove and Nottinghame helped to contribute to the friendly atmosphere. On 3/4/20, I, Baloo Kingdom, created the first RP map in our regional history. It included many of the original members, including more recent ones such as Caesar Von Bingen, Traveness (now Haroldiaistan), and Imperial Hresvelg. The map was updated periodically, and nations would stake claims on a world map until the map was full. Once full, the map members would role-play battle for the entirety of the map. The map surprisingly lasted until the waxing of The Tavern, and still maintained the same system. Barrow Cove was temp banned for a little by Haruhi Japan once. But overall, The Tavern was an extremely prosperous and popular region with little to no problem besides an occasional squabble. However, roughly on 3/19/20, Haruhi Japan broke off from The Tavern due to regional political differences and formed The Vincence Kingdom which had a more serious government than The Tavern.

Section 4: The Regional Triumvirate

Unfortunately, this section may be cut short due to J o J taking over and deleting the entirety of the region's posts by re-founding The Vincence Kingdom. After Haruhi Japan split from The Tavern, it created a schism that remnants of still last to this day. Bruxxa temporarily left The Tavern for his old region, Eientei Gensokyo. I and a few others followed him there and eventually, we all returned to The Tavern with a sense of growth. Nations had to either decide to join Bruxxa or Haruhi Japan, and the sides were evenly split. Luckily, embassies were established with each other and the regions became partners. The World of the Frozen Flames was also brought into the mix, thus forming The Regional Triumvirate. The Regional Triumvirate marked a new age for local regional cooperation, and although the days of the Triumvirate were short, they definitely were sound. Many new members joined including, Wabobania, The Dream of Kirby, Callmedaddystratton, and The Mongo Empire, along with a few unspecified others. The regional map war took place then, along with many other interesting events. Sadly, The Regional Triumvirate was disbanded after a dispute between certain members over the future of the regions led to a second schism. All remaining members of the triumvirate were to move to The Vincence Kingdom per the request of Bruxxa, who was deciding to become less active on NationStates and move back to Iwaku. Though some were reluctant of this change, including me, all eventually ported to The Vincence Kingdom thus beginning the next chapter of our history.

Section 5: The Vincence Kingdom

Unfortunately, this chapter is also cut short on information because of J o J re-founding The Vincence Kingdom once all affiliated members had merged into The Vincence Kingdom, a new period of excellence and prosperity was destined. The RP map exchanged hands with many talented cartographers and participation was high. An average of 8 or so RMB pages were used a day. Various projects were both proposed and finished here, including one of my most famous works, Vincence Kingdom: Infinity Bear, which is a fun NationStates parody of Avengers: Infinity War. Regional Officers remained fairly the same as The Tavernís lineup, including me, Haruhi Japan, Plus Nova Imperii, The Dream of Kirby, Sorianora, Imperial Hresvelg, and a few others. Numerous new nations joined at this point, including Republic of Terra Nova and Ethics Committee of the SCPF (now part of The Wooloo Pact), and at this point, everyone was peaceful. Some could consider this a Renaissance Period of sorts. The waters of NationStates were calm until they were abruptly displaced by a second argument over government type. Haruhi Japan wanted to have a more autocratical government like that of The Tavern, while nations Dominioan, Sorianora, and Plus Nova Imperii wanted a democratically elected government. When Haruhi Japan decided initially to refrain from a democratic government, Dominioan left with his supporters and created the Bluecrown Keep on 7/27/20. This caused Haruhi Japan to be rather upset, but he was still hopeful. Little did anyone know that things could get a lot more complicated. This event was a setup for the third and final schism that divided the region even more.

Section 6: The Third Schism

Only mere days after a cast of nations left The Vincence Kingdom for Bluecrown Keep, the remaining active members, most notably myself and Imperial Hresvelg were left with Haruhi Japan and a now crippled region. Haruhi Japan, however, had a potential plan to revitalize what remained of the region. The plan was to set up a merger between The Vincence Kingdom, friendly and neighboring region The Wooloo Pact, and Old Zealand into a new region called, Isle Of Wooloo Kingdom. The plan looked good on paper, however, a lot of Regional Officers had to be cut. To further the problem, many native The Wooloo Pact members disapproved of the merge and left, thus dooming the Isle Of Wooloo Kingdom. This disaster drove Haruhi Japan into sadness, he created the region, Worthless. Remaining members and friends attempted to reason with him, though attempts were feeble. Haruhi Japan eventually decided to go to The Glorious Nations of Iwaku so that he could have a chance of talking to Bruxxa over what happened. The remaining members had no leader and thus decided to join the Bluecrown Keep, with the exception of Imperial Hresvelg who decided to follow Haruhi Japan to Iwaku. It seemed that the saga was over, however the Bluecrown Keep was growing in power, and with the addition of a few key members after the collapse of Isle Of Wooloo Kingdom, it was on track to success.

Section 7: The Bluecrown Keep

Once the nations had successfully settled in the Bluecrown Keep, their democratic government was ready to form. A provisional government had been set up temporarily until proper positions could be elected. The government was made up of ministers for defense, state image, and foreign affairs, with a Prime Minister above them with delegate authority. The Prime Minister appointed all roles of minister including a Deputy Prime Minister who had similar, but lesser power to the Prime Minister. Founder, Dominioan, served as the permanent executive authority as a sort of "King" but let the democratic government made most of the decisions. An unelected legislative and judicial body and were also present, but were seldom necessary. Co-Founder, Sorianora served as the first Prime Minister, with Plus Nova Imperii as his Deputy Prime Minister. Things were going very well in the Bluecrown Keep. A new RP Maps were established, each with creative setups including, "What if Germany won WWII", "What if the British won the American Revolution", to just plain normal WWI role-play. New members joined including Yes Humans Are Recyclable, Unified Democratic Europe, Erantan, Barlyy, East Cashinamasian, The Great Hiatus (who contributed a great deal to the Bruxxa card trade), The H Corporation (now a part of TVE), and various others. Diplomacy was at its finest, as The Wooloo Pact became their finest ally along with Just Relax. Many interesting stories were unfolding in various creative dispatches written by a plethora of native authors. Soon the September Prime Minister election had begun, with previous Deputy Prime Minster, Plus Nova Imperii victorious with myself as his Deputy Prime Minister. While our prosperity was at its best, Haruhi Japan had decided to start his career back up again with the creation of his new and current region, The Vincence Empire.

Section 8: The Vincence Empire

Following his exile to Iwaku, decided to join a region called The Vorincte League, however unfortunately its members allegedly betrayed Haruhi. Haruhi Japan next choice was to join The Wooloo Pact, however, they didn't get along so well. Haruhi Japan then decided to start anew and create a Greater Vincence Empire, under a region of the same name. He began to raid unused regions to add to his collection, which at max included 15 different regions. After the fact, Haruhi Japan's remaining supporters, including Imperial Hresvelg, Boris Cult (who originally opposed him), and Team Leo. The region now, and still currently, operates similarly to The Vincence Kingdom and serves as a card trading and casual roleplaying region. While all this was going on, Bruxxa had left Iwaku and rejoined the now dormant The Tavern. As he was inactive, he placed I, Baloo Kingdom, as the Regional Governor to look after the region from afar. The Vincence Empire has now established embassies with The Tavern, Bluecrown Keep, Just Relax, and The Wooloo Pact marking a new age of union and diplomacy between our local regional community.

Section 9: What Comes Next?

Shortly after, the prosperous Bruxxa trading card crashed in value from a market value of 45 bank to a much lower sum of 1 bank. Since then, the card has been raised slightly, with efforts building. At least for the Bluecrown Keep's faction, King's Nuclear Guard, N-Day 2020 went horribly. After vicious nuclear bombardment from the powerful Railgun faction, who originally aggressed us as a meme, we were left with a low negative score to finish N-Day. Despite these un-fortuitous events, the Bluecrown Keep continued to grow in prominence and influence, reaching over 75 members by October 9th, 2020. With the addition of the highly influential, Nooooooooooooooo, the Bluecrown Keep was thrust into the top 7% of the world in regional influence. At the dawn of Spooktober, regional RMB activity skyrocketed to an average of 15-25 RMB pages a day, allowing the region to reach the landmark of 1000 RMB pages. However, in the time of spooks, a conspiracy erupted. The Wooloo Pact member and former The Vincence Kingdom and The Tavern member, Barrow Cove, accused current Prime Minister of the Bluecrown Keep, Plus Nova Imperii, of infiltrating and sabotaging the government of The Wooloo Pact via a puppet. This eventually led to a call for the impeachment of Plus Nova Imperii. Upon his arrival, Plus Nova Imperii defended himself from his charges with Barlyy being the main prosecutor. After the fact, the impeachment charges were dropped, and a disastrous interregional war was prevented. The case, however, was not yet dropped. Barrow Cove did not attend the hearing to my public knowledge. No talk of a second hearing has emerged, with no new compelling evidence being brought to light. Who knew what the future would hold for the Saga of Bruxxa?

Section 10: Haruhi's Goodbye and the Return of The Vincence Kingdom

Immediately proceeding the events of the Bluecrown Keep impeachment hearings, The Vincence Empire member, Boris Cult, left The Vincence Empire for The Wooloo Pact after a disagreement with The Vincence Empire founder, Haruhi Japan. This unfortunate turn of events along with a string of previous others caused Haruhi Japan to once again be thrust into sadness. This is turn made Haruhi Japan realize that he needed to step back from the activity of NationStates and focus on his personal life more. Many from the Bluecrown Keep and The Vincence Empire, and The Wooloo Pact urged him to stay, however they came to an understanding eventually. Haruhi Japan left on similar terms as Bruxxa had, with him pledging to still be active on discord and that he would keep his nation from CTEing. As for The Vincence Empire and its active members, some, such as The H Corporation, moved to the Bluecrown Keep or The Wooloo Pact, while others remained there in order to keep The Vincence Empire alive and to rebuild it. Thus ended the times of Haruhi Japan, however, their legacy remains intact and preserved, just as Bruxxa's is. As these events were occurring, J o J and the Anti J o J Coalition were determining their peace terms. In those terms, J o J agreed to voluntarily give back some of his captured regions that were deemed unnecessary to them, and among those regions was the late The Vincence Kingdom. Members of the Bluecrown Keep, The Wooloo Pact, and The Vincence Empire arranged with J o J for the return of The Vincence Kingdom, and the region was granted. The return of such a memorable region was met with joy from the local regional community.

Section 11: The Future of The Tavern

On October 25, 2020, the West Pacific raiders attacked The Tavern seeing that its founder, The Tavern, which is an alternate account of Bruxxa, had CTEd. Bluecrown Keep members and The Tavern fans alike immediately drew attention to Bruxxa to revive the founder and boot the raiders. Not too long after the efforts began, Bruxxa was able to easily ban the raiders from the region. This was met with much joy from the local regional community, and I, Baloo Kingdom was reinstalled as the Consul of the region for the time being. The next day, as a nice surprise, Barrow Cove was able to convince dormant nation, T-34s, to emerge once again to say goodbye to the members of our regional community. Nations we thrilled to see them again, and they all sent their well-wishes. Moving forward, it was again the time of the Bluecrown Keep monthly elections. The runners of this race were, Sorianora, Barlyy, Nooooooooooooooo, and Arisyan. After the first round of voting, both Sorianora and Barlyy came out on top. In the second round of voting, Sorianora alone was able to become the Prime Minister with Plus Nova Imperii as his DPM, however, he won in the closest race in Bluecrown Keep history. Citizenship forms were also added as a way to prevent voter fraud in future elections. After the Z-Day9 fiasco regarding a zombie take-over, the Bluecrown Keep was 100% overrun by zombies due to local efforts. Shortly after the wane of Z-Day, Bruxxa officially announced that he had plans to let The Tavern CTE in order to erase the memories of the past and push for a brighter future. This was met with sadness from the local regional community, but also much understanding. This event could be contributed to the formation of this history dispatch, which allowed for the preservation of our important history without looking through the RMB's of the past. Bruxxa formed a new region under the name New World Roman Empire, which he would use to build a new and improved future for the local regional community. On 11/5/20, the Bluecrown Keep reached a total of over 100 members, a significant milestone that marked a truly optimistic future ahead.

Section 12: The New World Roman Empire

After Bruxxa had left The Tavern, he made his way to his newly founded region, New World Roman Empire. Not soon after arriving, he decided against destroying The Tavern; as was originally planned. Fellow founder nation, Haruhi Japan also moved their account to the region as they decided it might be their best option. Unfortunately, while attempting to remove The Vincence Kingdom from J o J's control by refounding it, the West Pacific was able to raid and refound the region first. Negotiations began to retrieve The Vincence Kingdom from the West Pacific. Later, the first election for Consul of New World Roman Empire was held with the candidates being Haruhi Japan and I. Haruhi Japan was able to snatch a victory by two votes and become the first Consul. Elections for the senate were to be held later. Meanwhile, the Bluecrown Keep was rapidly expanding in members due to major recruitment attempts driven by key members of the region. The 115th member joined on 11/16/20, showing a nine-member increase since recruitment efforts began. Continuing with the previous trend of Pacific region raiding, neighboring region The Pact of Roosters was temporarily raided by The North Pacific for unknown reasons on 11/18/20.

Section 13: TPOR-BCK Merge and the Decline of the Old Order

Shortly after The Pact of Roosters was raided, Mathuvan Union decided that it may be time for his region to be converted to puppet storage and for him and any other remaining members of his region to join Bluecrown Keep. This was accomplished on the same day as the raid, and it went fairly successfully. Shortly after the fact, the Bluecrown Keep transitioned into the holiday season, introducing both a November and Christmas themed WFE and multiple seasonal dispatches and events. A medium-sized verbal conflict between neighboring region The Wooloo Pact and the Bluecrown Keep erupted, which lasted about a few hours until eventual moderator intervention. This was the NationStates Moderator's first visit to the RMB of the Bluecrown Keep, and the citizens hoped it would be the last. On 11/30/20, the fifth election for Prime Minister of the Bluecrown Keep began. The candidates were Plus Nova Imperii of The Democratic Torch, Barlyy of the New Prosperity Party, and Arisyan of the Free and Equal Party. After a drawn-out, back-and-forth election, both Plus Nova Imperii and Barlyy made it to the second round of voting. Many accusations of voter fraud and illegitimate votes appeared during the running, and most of those issues were dismissed or resolved. In the end, after a more significant gap between the two candidates appeared, Barlyy was declared the victor. He became the first non-The Democratic Torch Prime Minister in Bluecrown Keep history, marking a new age in our democratic system. Unfortunately thereafter, previous Prime and Deputy Prime Minister, Sorianora, departed the Bluecrown Keep to start up the new region he had been working on, Callista. His leave solidified the new age of government that had been sparked by the outcome of the very historical election prior.

Section 14: A Rather Unfortunate Chain of Events

On 12/1/20, fellow nationmate Haruhi Japan made an unexpected visit to the Bluecrown Keep. Unfortunately, he came bringing prophecies of oncoming destruction and fall of the Bluecrown Keep by his hand or our own. Citing the fall of his own region, The Vincence Kingdom, many were convinced that our democratic regime had finally cracked and failed. This sparked the depression of the newly elected Prime Minister, Barlyy, who in their brief emotional instability, left Bluecrown Keep and resigned from the WA. This sparked an already agitated populace to lash out and in some cases, leave the region temporarily. After a period of turmoil, numerous apologies, and countless opinions shared, things began to settle down. But the faults had been triggered and the region remained riddled with uncertainty. The next day, prominent member of the Bluecrown Keep government and two-time Prime Minister, Plus Nova Imperii decided that he had enough of Bluecrown Keep and left to join Callista. After a loss of such an important member of the government, the Bluecrown Keep was running low on power. Many other older nations such as Yes Humans Are Recyclable, and The Mongo Empire also left for Callista. On a positive note, the Bluecrown Keep reached 3000 RMB pages at around this time also. Many new nations had also joined the ranks of the Bluecrown Keep, including but not limited to Spirium Kingdom. However, with Callista gaining more and more ex-Bluecrown Keep members, Callista became much more formidable, much faster than anticipated.

Section 15: Callista

The idea for Callista presumably arose after Sorianora wanted to form a region of his own, maybe even earlier. After his latest term as Prime Minister of the Bluecrown Keep, he decided to resign from politics in the region. Sorianora then left the Bluecrown Keep for his preexisting region and started furthering his work on a government of sorts. Not too long after, prominent Bluecrown Keep member Plus Nova Imperii left for Callista, as previously stated. Nations Mathuvan Union and Haruhi Japan also left their own respective regions soon thereafter for Callista. The government of Callista is comprised similarly to the government of the Bluecrown Keep, however, there are differences. For example, Callista has the four main secondary "ministers", remained "secretaries" respectively. In place of the executive "King", Callista had a "Tsar". The "Prime Minister" role remained the same with the "Deputy Prime Minister" being changed to "Lieutenant Prime Minister". The position of "Judge" was the only role added not present in the Bluecrown Keep. Not soon after the establishment of the official government of Callista, a draft for an alliance was formed. The interregional friendship was named the Bluecrown-Callista Alliance. It instated the removal of foreign intervention in regional politics, the needed mutual protection of regions, and the official bond of regional companionship. A bright future seemed now more possible than ever, or so it seemed.

Section 16: The Diaspora

With a peak, there comes a fall, and the time of Bluecrown Keep was running thin. On 12/11/20, Prime Minister Barlyy left the Bluecrown Keep unexpectedly after claiming that the region had changed from his liking and that he felt that he had been elected undemocratically due to possible newfound puppet fraud in the regional voting processes. This unfortunate event caused ripples in the Bluecrown Keep signaling its end. Later that day, region founder Dominioan announced that he would decide the future of the region the next day. Much to the chagrin of the remaining residents, Dominioan announced on 12/12/20 that the Bluecrown Keep would be closed, ending the region's six-month reign. Dominioan also announced that the region would begin its three-day closure period which I would head. This would advocate for the diaspora of past Bluecrown Keep members across NationStates to ensure that disunity would be impossible. The majority of ex-members left for Callista with the other officially endorsed heir regions, such as First World Order, Isle of Wooloo Kingdom, and NeutraIKEA, receiving somewhat lesser amounts of Bluecrown Keep refugees. After the three-day period before the closing of the Bluecrown Keep, all ex-members had been dispersed thoroughly across many regions. Even I myself left for Callista after the three days were over. Post-diaspora, a much-needed calm in the storm was reached. Many were reunited with their previous friends that they had been separated from after the fall of The Vincence Kingdom, and others joined our regional band for the first time. The diaspora had been successful.

Section 17: A Change of Times

With the diaspora settled, regrowth could now begin and begin it did. In Callista, the similar government to the Bluecrown Keep was soon filled with corresponding government officials. With a completed government came good promise, but also turmoil. The same political disagreements previously present in the Bluecrown Keep began to show in the new region of Callista. Nevertheless, time and work continued. Abroad, a war between regions Isle of Wooloo Kingdom (made of the members of the defunct The Wooloo Pact) and Krasnaya erupted with mild intervention from Callista. A solid regional roleplay map set in the late 1800s emerged and prospered with on and off activity. It became a pivotal part of Callista's activity and appeal. Unfortunately, the Judge of Callista at the time, Haroldiaistan, decided to leave our regional group due to tensions escalating to the regional roleplay map. This event caused member Caesar Von Bingen to be appointed as the temporary Judge until a new judge could be elected. A flash election for Judge was held on 1/1/21 with the primary candidates being Arisyan and previous Prime Minister Plus Nova Imperii. This election seemed to cause much friction in the region due to opposing viewpoints and the newly appointed Prime Minister, Haruhi Japan. In the end, Arisyan came out victorious, and soon after the old occupants of government seats were swept out and replaced or rearranged by the Prime Minister. Some nations became RO's for the first time in our regional history. Even some older members who were consistently in power were removed or demoted. This change of power is the root of this section's title and personifies this period of time. A new age had begun.

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Stuff I Have To Say:
So I didn't really get much information, and eventually I got banned by Haruhi Japan (I'm not linking so they don't get the notice) because I triple posted twice, one time because I didn't know about the rule, the other because people were too slow to respond, and I quadruple posted once, it was 3 messages because people were slow to respond, the 4th was me noticing that I had accidentally quad-posted.
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