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First Elven International

International Elvendom

A survey of the various elven societies around the world, in the spirit of elf solidarity and the uniting of the diverse and distinct elven cultures. Let there arise from this effort an International Elf Association and united identity.

Christmas Elves

Proud laborers at Santa's Workshop, located at the North Pole. Strong working class identity. Produce all of the world's toys that are given out at Christmas.


Continental cousins to the Christmas Elves. Scandinavian and ancient beings who predated Christmas itself, later adopting the holiday as their domain. Often mistaken for Garden Gnomes, themselves unrelated to elves.

House Elves

Indentured Servant class within the Wizarding World. Of all of the elves, perhaps the most oppressed. Servile and exploited. A revolutionary movement, known as the "Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare," was founded within their culture to promote their emancipation and, in general, keep their interests front and center in the minds of the wizarding master classes.


The realms of Elfland. Centered around the silvan realms of Mirkwood and Lothlorien. Known to themselves as "The Children of Illuvatar." For further information on this society, see manuscript: "Red Book of Westmarch"


High Court of Oberon and Titania. Also known as: the Fey, Nymphs, Dryads, Pixies, Sprites, Brownies. Haughty and Aristocratic. Expected to side with the Capitalists during the eventual Class War.

Drow or Moriquendi

Also known as Dark Elves, Kobolds, Knockers. Chthonic cousins of Quendi, a population which split off upon moving underground. Also haughty, but their work underground in the mines makes them natural allies to the working class elves around the world.


An enigmatic culture. Difficult to locate. Known for their affinity towards charms and gold.

Cobbler Elves

Shoemakers who toil at night in a cobbler’s shop to make the shoes that the cobbler himself is unable to make, whether out of incompetence or sloth. Neither indentured, as are their House Elf brethren, nor dutifully employed, as the case of the Christmas Elves. Rather, they perform their labors out of a generous spirit.

Keebler Elves

Mercantile Elves. A woodland society that once produced various delights, much like their kin across the world. However, out of a heightened spirit of enterprise, they specialized in a particularly successful treat and transformed themselves into a strong corporate brand. Unlikely allies in the coming Class War.


A peaceful people, live in harmony with the natural world, have a rich culture which values song, dance and storytelling. Mostly tribal or clan-based matriarchal societies, whose females achieved their prominence within their society by being winged.


Traditional monarchy. Further information required.