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Atlun: A guide

Atlun is a newly prospering nation, centered on their religion and belief in Atula.

The leadership is broken up into two parts; the Atlun family, which is a family believed to be direct descendants of Atula; and the legislative house, which is a house of one hundred people elected every two years. The house has more say in political matters, but the Atlun family has the final say on most pieces of legislation, except for those that get overruled by the house. The current head of the Atlun family is Theodore Atlun, aged 22.

Military chain of command:
General commander- commands infantry commander, calvary commander, naval commander, and elite commander
Infantry commander- commands 1st and 2nd infantry battalions, plus the 1st sniper devision
Calvary commander- commands the 1st and 2nd armor division
Naval commander- commands the navy, coast guard, and air force
Elite commander- commands the elite guard (equivalent to green berets or army rangers)

The infantry carry Sliden-1 semiautomatic mag-fed rifles (80-100 yard range) and Sliden-S-1 pistols (10-20 ft range)
The snipers carry Glohausen LG-20 bolt-action long guns with Glohausen scopes equipped (200 yard range)
The armor comes in two divisions: Transport and combat. Armored transport can carry 18 people, with a two man crew (driver, gunner), and are equipped with a Sliden-2 automatic turret. Combat tanks are equipped with 100 mm canons and medium armor. The don't move very fast, and the treads are protected from all sides. However, the bottom is very high off the ground, and a grenade has been known to destroy a tank this way.
The navy is mostly unused, as the country is mostly landlocked except for a south-east corner, know as the Atula Bay. The navy consists of 3 battleships and 2 destroyer ships. The air force, on the other hand, is pretty large, consisting of 40 biplanes, capable of air to air and air to ground attacks thanks to the forward and side turrets.
The elite guard consists of the best of the best. They are armed with Sliden-3 automatic submachine guns (60 yard range).

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