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Jan 13, 2021: Today we reflect on a great nation of GC, who has not yet CTE'd, but are close. In addition to being close to CTE, they are close to the hearts of all of Greater Cyngland. We reflect today on the great nation, Dictatorya.


I think itís time we celebrate Dictatorya.

Dictatorya was one of the First Nations in this region. They spent a lot of time in GC, and although they left twice, they never truly left. They always came back. They were a good nation, and a good roleplayer. Both he and I liked the game Half Life, from which my nation is based off of. Iím sure all of us had a reason to respect them. Although they were invaded at least 7 times, they never backed down. Itís unfortunate that they have left.

I wish I could say more, but itís hard to describe their achievements. Theyíve been with GC for over 800 RMB pages, that in and of itself deserves an award.


Dictatorya was on before I was, actually, he joined on RMB page 3. He was the best for serious government RP. The First Dictatoryan War came after the fall to anarchy, and that formed the NDR and DFR. Then there was almost a war with TLMFM (now Bern) and I over the area, and then the rebels restored a section of Dictatorya in the Second Dictatoryan war. I think after GI, they were probably the most unstable nation in the region.


Dictatorya was my Favorite Commie, and if he were here he'd probably tell me he's a Socie not a Commie!

Kingdom Of Deutchland:

Dictatorya is a great nation. They are a great ally of mine, and they have helped me many times in war. It is sad to see that they are on the verge on CTE, I hope this never happens, and even if it does, I will never forget them. Respect! They played a vital role in Cyngland history. I hope this nation does not CTE.


Dictatorya was here before Me, But they mean a lot to me. The thought of losing them means that GC will lose a great nation. Michaliav Remembers Dictatorya.

Jan. 14, 2021:

We would now like to take a moment to remember Tyrrhena, GC's first CDA.


I ran against him in the first election and lost by a significant margin, but I really liked what he did. He was responsible for the first map of GC, the first GCRO, and so much more. We all were sad when he CTE'd. Yet I think the thing I'll remember most is that I could never spell his name!

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