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Rovere Gazette

The Crown newspaper of the Kingdom of Rovere

Fraud Commission Bill Introduced in the Senate 15 June 1508

In an effort to prevent corruption from taking a hold within Rovere, the Fraud Commission Bill has been introduced in the Senate. The Bill's Preamble states:

An act to provide for the establishment of a Fraud Commisson, pursuant to Article II Section 5 of the Constitution, to prevent and investigate cases of fraud.

As per Article II of the Counstitution, the Bill will go to vote next week in order to give Senators time to consider it before voting. Premier Sir Emanuele Fidelibus (GRP-U1) said the following after reading the Bill to the Senate:

"This is a most crucial and common-sensical instrument of legislation. I expect that it will receive support from both the Grande Rovere Party and the Citizens Party. However, the senator from the Merchants Party may not take kindly to fraud prevention measures."

The Kingdom of Rovere