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(Unofficial) Enadia News 14/01/2021

Enadia News - 14/01/2021

Mosii-Illirican War Begins
After the Illirican government was tricked into thinking they were supporting a coup in MossW, the Mosian army trapped 9 Illirican soldiers and killed them. After this incident, Illiricium declared war on MossW. MossW then used underground submarine bases and attacked Illiricium from the north. The Illirican army then created a barricade in the Voivodina mountains. The two forces engaged at the battle of Mount St. Pavle as a distraction while the rest of the Mosian forces marched around the mountains and encircled the Illirican troops on the mountains. The Battle of Mount St. Pavle was a massive success for the Mosians, with only 300 casualities on their side and 7,000 Illirican soldiers being taken hostage. The Mosian army now has firm control of the Region of Voivodina, and they can focus their attack on the Region of Ermanica.

Enadian Parliament Revolutionized
Protesters began encircling the Enadian Parliament building in Anthetal as the Enadian King, Valerian Rorschach, had been made the Speaker of the Parliament due to corruption in the core Parliament. The outer Parliament (the leaders of the countries in the Enadian Union) then had a vote and elected a completely new core Parliament, as well as a new Speaker, Aurora Claudius, the first ever female Speaker.

Terrorists in Niwae
After the Mosii-Niwaeno war, the violence never really ended. After the occupation zones ended, all of the occupation zones except the Mosian one united into East Niwae. Suddenly, a flood of Illiricans settled there, and the nation pledged alliegence to Stella Ardolf, the Empress of Illiricium. The Mosian occupation zone became West Niwae, a Mosian puppet. Niwae is now under control of the two major powers in Enadia, except the Federal Republic of Niwae, which still exists, only including Varcedonia. The leader of Hunetia then claimed that their occupation zone had been stolen by Illiricans, and he attempted to set up Hunetian NIWAE. With tensions escalated, the Black Sun Cult terrorist group set up a so called "nation" named The Black Sun State. It now controls a large part of Niwae.

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