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What the future holds for Synnia (OOC)


What the Future Holds For Synnia

A Future Compass and Some Explanation
because everyone seems to be doing one

Inspired by Federal Remnants and CBG Palisade, obviously.


The quantifiable, going easy on your head.

Material Axis [-x]
    The knowable, the extant, what's traditionally there. The material focuses on the more down-to-Earth futures, perhaps literally. Extraspace, reality-bending, magic, and the likes are far less relevant and these possibilities are mostly fixated on the Synnian nation state and its planet. I would consider these the more comprehensible futures for those not terribly invested in my lore or really just my lore outside of just Synne Industries.

Immaterial Axis [+x]
    The stranger futures, those very much detached from normal human understanding, the post-logical. Futures on the far end of the immaterial axis purposefully do not make sense from a traditional point of view because with what I've dabbled in regarding the 'immaterial', actually putting ideas on paper or rather screens is not only hard, it's impossible. Immaterial futures almost entirely center on the Initiative and its applied incomprehensibility and intangibility. Interpretation, if at all possible, is completely left up to you.

Rage Axis [-y]
    The lashing out at the outside world, the destructionism equivalents across realities, the inherent need for hyperviolence and to wreck sh█t. Things are going to go South no matter what, the futures of rage choose to go down with a fight. These futures are not so much inherently bad as they are futures with a lot of pissed-off people, usually powerful people with powerful militaries backing them. There's not much else to say, just prepare for a fight and maybe a war story or two.

Solace Axis [+y]
    Everything is meant to go away by the end of this, I think we all know this. The solace futures just see the end come a lot slower and a lot quieter. These are the fading-away types, the tapering-off over centuries if not millennia if not forevers. I wouldn't call them terribly good or terribly happy, both of those things are mostly subjective anyway. I've just tried to create these futures with a more bittersweet tone in mind.

Quadrant 1 [+,+]

Onwards, until I forget who I am

  1. A Return to The Garden

    [TBA] [spoilery]

  2. Bliss, Because I Said So

    Arguably the "best" ending, certainly the most controlled one while still retaining conceptual integrity. This future sees little shift in what's actually there and what actually happens. It's just that some time in the future people, especially those within the Initiative stop trying to seek that 'perfect bliss' and just end up... happy. For once the ever-working machine just decides to be satisfied with its work and take a well-earned break. Weapons are laid down, things are generally relaxed, and good times are had because the threshold of happiness needed to have a good time can be wherever the hell you'd want. Life on the surface is largely unchanged for both human and New God, it's just that folks are happier doing whatever they might do.

  3. Ad Infinitum, Spitting in The Face of The Author

    The most logical future. I don't particularly like this one or rather don't particularly like the prospect of having to properly write it up. Logically speaking there is no reason for me to be drawing things to a close where I plan on having them do so. Mandelbrot's Sea is not a definitive end point in-universe. There is no reason for it to be other than the fact that I'm going to have trouble going further. It is the applied ungraspability of concepts and I as the writer cannot push it any further. I have no say in this and neither do you, nothing further can be put into human writing, it is simply impossible. But of course the Initiative doesn't care about what's impossible or not to us, it just keeps on going. It just keeps on pushing at the frontier and it'll break it an infinite number of times over. This future holds just that, an RSI which doesn't stop because logically, there's no reason to.

  4. A Departure Two Years Late


Quadrant 2 [-,+]

The longest sleep

  1. A Day in The Life

    Things go on in Synnia. The cycle repeats, war is perpetuated, the line goes up. Synnia is designed to be a futureproof society and so it shrugs-off this one just fine, keeping society running how it sees fit. Perhaps there's a war or two, perhaps people are sent beyond the moon, perhaps there's some change but overall, the status quo reigns supreme. No radical deviations, no big shake-up, it's just Synnia but a few decades into the future.

  2. Making Do

    Muninn ends up a success. Brain Jar-ism becomes affordable to the general public and humanity takes on the New God doctrine perhaps a little too early. Before long every human body is destroyed and every mind is transferred to a pseudo-digital state of neural uplink where outside computers are able to maintain a sandbox-esque permanent state of freedom and bliss where the only limitation is energy and processing power though even those problems will fade in time. Outside, automated swarms of Von Neumann machines work to both tend the human mind structure and continuously feed it material. Matter is harvested and either turned into more computronium mass or raw energy. Humans will perhaps never leave the planet but the machines certainly will. More and more matter is harvested and consumed from space at peak efficiency with every mass picked up by sensor systems stripped dry and fed into the machine for the sake of its continuation. Humanity will eventually die, it will just take an unreasonably long stretch of time.

  3. Lovecraft Triumphs

    Synnia does perhaps a little too well of a job. Space is dangerous for Synne Industries. Not because they have the change to lose anything, no, but rather because others have so much to gain. Being the sole power currently holding large fabricator installations, Synne Industries is the only country unbound by the chains of what is immediately there. There is only matter and energy, the types of the former being wholly interchangeable with sufficient application of the latter. No more resource wars, at least not for the isles. Everyone else, however, must deal with the woes of not being able to pluck the individual particles from atoms en-masse and throw what's left to the slag heap to be recycled, Synnia is the hand that feeds. Space poses a threat to this, it's not perfect, no mountains of gold or moons of shining jewels but through mineral-rich asteroids and deposits of fusile fuel, it's enough to dethrone Synne Industries as the king of the material. Countermeasures, logically, have been put into place. Heavy investment in ASAT weapons, long-range interplanetary strike platforms, a ship-mounted coilgun with enough force to knock a small moon out of orbit. No direct threats, merely the implication that whatever goes up can be brought back down. And so humans remain chained to Earth through this looming fear, one which will ultimately be forgotten over the centuries whether or not Synnia maintains its watchful eye on the deep dark above. Why leave the planet anyway? There's probably some unspeakable horror waiting for us to come out of our hiding spot.

  4. What a Shame

    Death is killed, but perhaps only partially. Life-extension and eventually immortality technology becomes affordable and commonplace, the Panacea machine finds itself in the house of every citizen of Earth. Before long, measures to maintain not only immortality but functional invincibility are put into place. No more accidents, or at least no more accidents you can't recover from in short notice. There might not even be a unifying world government, perhaps the crawl of technology and efficiency is unstoppable, even by the most powerful state authority. Eventually fear dies away, but so does will. Sure, look into the advanced sciences, explore the outer reaches of the Solar System, uncover more of nature's secrets, but in the end why bother? Progress is unnecessary work and it's not like your opportunities are going away any time soon. Humanity grinds to a halt, its natural inertia taking control once more. Why change when you can chill?

Quadrant 3 [-,-]

The war in the heart is my own

  1. The Letting, Always

    The meat grinder stops for nobody. Synnia sees war as inevitable and always, an inherent part of human nature and a profitable one at that. Either way, isn't it better to keep those proxy conflicts and foreverwars going instead of waiting for the anger of the world pile up until a third major conflict breaks out? Better keep the cycle going as planned, better not shake up the boat. Molten rock is pulled from the Earth and continues to be fed into the literal war machine of SynUnder. Matter and bodies go in, machine guns and missile systems come out. Perpetual violence, perpetual profit.

  2. Throwing Hands That I Don't Have


  3. The Best Defense


  4. A Hot War

    Practically speaking, Synnia has no problem with the ecological apocalypse. Rising sea levels, violent weather phenomena, ecosystems dying off, so what? Just stay holed up in the factory below as the rest of the world goes under, another crisis just means more money to be made anyway. Of course this isn't the case right now, the most efficient and power-dense energy sources are often the cleanest and any byproducts can simply be repurposed. Other not so well-off countries may still be pumping out smog and other chemical nasties but there's no shortage of first world green folk willing to pay Synnia for carbon recapture among other things. However, humans are often suicidally defiant. Foreign taxpayer money slowly starts being cut-off towards Synnia as more and more countries pull out of climate deals. The outsourcing of climate stability stops being outsourced and in a few decades, stops entirely. Things go South perhaps everywhere but the South. Naval power projection becomes far more relevant as inland territories quickly find themselves to simply no longer be inland and nobody takes advantage of this more than the Silran Maritime Territories. The pirate-esque quasi-democratic assembly of coilguns for hire find themselves among whatever other naval superpowers may remain and their influence quickly spreads. By the end of the century nearly the entire Earth is well within striking distance or either Synnian or Silran maritime mercenary groups. The only things that matter anymore for landlubbers are guns and money.

Quadrant 4 [+,-]

I dream of red fields and the burning forest

  1. Unspeakable

    [TBA] [spoilery]

  2. Baptism By Fire


  3. Twelve Angry Men


  4. There Are No Heroes

    [TBA] [spoilery]