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by The National Monarchist State of Cermiersia. . 15 reads.

Anti-Government rebels

Note: If you see any of these dangerous rebels report them to the government at once for the safety of cermiersia.


Founding: 476^2
Founding location: Naria, Kasjian republic (modern day ulitarian union)
Founder: Kelm H. Blan
Ideology: Ulitarian
Place on political spectrum: Auth-Left
Foreign Funders: Ulitarian Union
Status in cermiersia: shoot on sight
Leader within Cermiersia: Malovon D. Arnold
Willpower: Immense
Strength: Mild
Popular support: Non-existent
Terrorist tendency: High

Ulitariansm in an authoritarian-left wing ideology. Their main belief is that the only way to save the working man is through the power of a strong communally-supportive government. Ulitarians force people to work in communes which operate like normal egalitarian communes. However these communes are required to give some level of resource or ammedity to the government or else the commune will be disbanded and re-assigned. They purchase these goods in exchange for money which the communes can use to sustain themselves or buy more products. The government of the Ulitarian union is governed as a massive body which presides over the nation. This body is authoritarian with those elected only being ones who are endorsed by the party. The ulitarian union has one of the highest standards of living in caesia which has led many to support the ideolegy although the majority of governments are anti-ultiarian. Those especially in areas which are poor are most vulnerable.

So the filthy reds think they can infiltrate our country and destroy our faith and nationality? Preposterous. It seems once again that the might of cermierisa will have to crush the damn red scum back to the edges of oblivion. Through guns in the dark and through proper education this little tidbit will be but a footnote in the world stage. Ulitarianism will fall one day by our own hands.