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Conch vs Cookies?

[box][center][size=140][b]Conch Versus Cookies[/b][/size][/center][/box]

[box][size=115][center]There is a question that no one asks but need to be answered.
What is better? A Conch Shaped Cookie or Cookie Shaped Conch.

While the answer may seem pretty easy, it actually is a tough decision as both have their ups and downs.[/center][/size]
[box][size=115]Lets start by the most famous ones. The Conch Shaped Cookies, a specialty from our little Kingdom:
-They are delicious
-They are unique
-Everyone enjoys eating a cookie
-Some people are trying to poison them from time to time.[/size]

[box][size=115]We can see that the Conch Shaped Cookies as a lot of advantages but let's see what the Cookie Shaped Conch as to offer:
-It's a perfect trap, no one can resist to a cookie
-It gives you an amazingly looking Conch and a cookie that will always look good
-Is representative of Conch Kingdom
-It's a perfect trap, no one can resist to a cookie, hard to avoid even for the one who set it up.[/size]


[size=115]While Conch Shape Cookies vs Cookie Shape Conch will always be an eternal debate we can see that they are hard to compare due to their vastly different use. One being the best way thing to offer, the other being one of the most dangerous traps. If we had to pick a winner however our would have to be Conch Shaped Cookies as they are more useful in the overall regional economy however be sure that Cookie Shaped Conch leaves nothing to be desired.