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Broken Crowns: "The Abandoned" - Part 1

"Broken Crowns" is a collection of stories that tells the journeys of 5 kids who become rulers. These stories will be posted daily (no promises) under the Account labeled "Broken Crowns: 'STORY' - Part []". This is "The Abandoned" - Part 1. Enjoy.

This story takes place in the post apocalyptic world of Polistis

There was once a boy named Zeus, and despite his name, he was not as strong as he seemed. He was white, with bleach white hair that stopped by his shoulders and one brown eye. Though he might have seemed strong on the outside, people say that strength comes with love; so with that logic, he realizes that he gets weaker by the day.

He didn't grow up with much people in his life. It was just him, his mom, his dad, and their dog, who was lovely named Dog. Then, about a thousand soldiers from Celaritus came, and destroyed everything. The few remaining, including Zeus and Dog, refer to that as The Bleeding, cause to be honest that the only thing most people saw; bleeding. Now, walking around with mask on his mouth and a camera for an eye, Zeus's only love comes from the one he gives himself, which is not that much, and love from Dog, which, again, is not that much. But, there is one place he gets love from; once a month he picks up treasure that looks like it has been given to him, with sweet messages on the pieces. Once a month, he gets these gifts at the beach of Polistis, which shares a border with the world of Welistus.

The Kingdom of Thanianberg