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Golden City of Sun Times Vol. 2.5

The Official News Organization of the United Kingdom of La Pays De Soleil

One Parliamentarian Way, Golden City of the Sun, Government District, 41859, UKLPDS

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Today is 02.26.2021

Special Report

We're going to Urborea!

Yes, you read that right. We're going to Urborea.

After months of inaction by Parliament, they finally have passed something worth mentioning. Yesterday evening, the Ministry of Defense moved to form a new organization within it's ranks. It will be called the United Space Command. The USC will combine all Military and Public space organizations under one roof and be under the command of a triumvirate. This triumvirate will consist of one military liaison, who was named as Lieutenant General Samantha Carter; one public liaison, who has been named as Gregory Wilkinson; and one Parliamentarian, who has been named as Sir Walter Blackstone. The triumvirate will oversee all day to day operations.

Along with passing the United Space Command Authorizing Act, Parliament also passed the Urborea Mission Authorizing Act which has set the United Space Command on the ground with its feet running. The act sets the mission of the USC as establishing a colony on the third planet of our solar system, Urborea. To that end, the first phase of the project will consist of a station orbiting our moon, Danae, and a small outpost there as well. The station will be able to refuel and recharge spacecraft. It will also serve as a rest area for spacecraft crew and as a staging area for the outpost below. The station will constructed in low orbit using our orbital defense platforms and the recently complete space elevator. It will then be towed into place using modified Starcruiser rockets. The outpost will have orbital maintenance, communications, fuel processing, Helium-3 mining and crew facilities. These two facilities should be completed within 18 months.

Phase two of the project is to design and build a vehicle capable of reaching Urborea safely. Phase three of the project consists of constructing a station in the orbit of Urborea with the following capabilities: refueling, crew and passenger, recharging, and construction facilities. The final phase, phase four, of the project will consist of the construction and habitation of the colony.

Minor Bills recently passed.

Along with the two bills named above, the Parliament also passed the Wildlife Defense Project Act which establishes a fund to aimed at subsidizing the cost of upkeep and maintenance of local parks and wildlife preserves. They also passed the Governmental Management and Authorization Act which, among other minor changes to the bureaucracy of the government, subisidizes the cost of District and local governments compliance with the Electronic Documents Act.

As always: Good Luck and Godspeed