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Village Role Play

Ever wanted to live a quiet peaceful life? Awake in your cottagecore shack next to your beautiful lesbian ent wife? Venture to town to fetch some meat from last night's hunt of the nighthorde? Go down to the pier and do some fishing, listening to the sounds of the murky creatures lurking below? Maybe go into the woods to pick some mushrooms while the birds chirp the sounds of the dead? Well now you can!

Here in the DSA, we have two role-play universes: Main RP and Village RP. The Main RP is, well, our main one with nations and global cooperation and the horrors of daytime television. Village RP, however, is different. There are no nations, no global interactions, none of that. It's all smaller and in an alternate universe of RP.

  • Players can create a village or town, indicated by dots on the map. There are no borders, just villages. You can determine the extent of your influence through discusssion and roleplay with other villages. To claim a spot, directly message Student Loan Debt with the village name and where you'd like to be

  • You can expand by making more villages. However, you are limited to 3 villages max

  • There will only be 1 city, that being a neutral city anyone can do RP in called Orbonne

  • There is no magic cap. Village RP allows you to be high fantasy. Go fight monsters, have your village be entirely populated by talking pumpkins, open a shop that only sells magical dental floss, anything. Just don't go and take over the world.

  • The vibe is pre-industrial fantasy, meaning technology advancement is limited to being pre-industrial. No electricity and all that jazz

  • The northern islands have a warm and wet climate while the southern islands are colder and frequently get snow in the winter. As you climb mountains, you'll also find them to be colder and with greater chances of snow

  • This RP is for players who intend to roleplay. Any player who has been consistently inactive (like not posting for an entire month) will be removed from the map.

  • There are 3 NPCs: Orbonne, Torutiya, and Oceris. Beyond their descriptions, players are allowed to make any story they wish in them

Orbonne is a city on the North Island with a diverse population of 200,000. The center of civilization, the city provides many amendities to its people. Home to many shops, facilities, and the Orbonne University, the city is a thriving home to any.
Torutiya is a collection of small villages constructed by pirates and islanders
situated directly next to eachother. It acts as a haven for pirates with no formal sense of government or hierarchy except the more riches you plunder the more prestige you have.

Oceris is an underwater civilization found in the southern waters of the region. A once thriving land civilization, it sank below the waves of the sea and continued to live on as a sea nation. Its people continue to voyage beyond their home to explore the isles, curious about the world despite their isolation.

An Tir Glas - Dridia
Bhexa - Grouzha
Cid-Vivar - Isidro Labrador
Greater Cebu - Dragonborn Village
HorseAndCart - Luarang
Itini - Elworth
Jasonvillee - Ha-neu Do
Kathina Dakani - Erun-Delja
Mate Uniumburgia - Natsumoto and Sakana Harbour
Niasport - Tsuko
Osreton - Dimont
Sessnia - Aroha, Kino, and Temple of the Ancient Flames
Veyoris - Bivale

The Shaded Isles
When a village dies, it does not simply stop existing. If only it were that simple. Its energy lives on. A village may fall for many reasons. Its people may be scattered, may have been struck with plague, or perhaps something more sinister. Whatever the case, the village exists in some form which lives on in the Shaded Isles, a realm beyond ours that reflects our reality and remains strange and obscure

(OOC, this is a fun way to acknowledge villages being taken off the map. If it goes against your canon then just ignore it)

The Isles of Student Loan Debt