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GA "Repeal: "Digital Network Defense"" Voting Overview


This proposal aims to repeal GA#378 for its lack of respect to personal privacy and for prior resolutions that protect personal data and privacy.



Eastern New England wrote:This proposal repeals an old resolution full of loopholes, whilst trying to protect people's privacy, FOR.


Podunkia wrote:Appreciate that they took out the bit defending theft of banking details (that was weird), but the language is still too dramatic for me. Cyberattacks are an actual problem, which they do not acknowledge, nor do they suggest what might replace this that would be "better."

.. Admittedly Digital Network Defense does seem to have some loopholes (provisions?), one of which nations could potentially exploit (utilize?) to alleviate fears of overreach - on the national level one could try disallowing the monitoring of private networks as per that last part where it, "Reserves the right of member nations to monitor networks for digital security threats, should national law allow them to do so."

The Founding Citadel wrote:I would like to repeal it too except it didn't specify clearly how its going to replace the previous resolution, and what should be implemented as an alternative/improvement.


Tepertopia wrote:The redrafting has made this proposal significantly shorter, and it now relies solely on the argument of wanting to make way for a resolution addressing how governments may monitor digital networks from a perspective more favorable to citizens' privacy. As the proposal now lacks further arguments, but the topic is also sensitive and might need its own resolution, I'm not really convinced for either position here, so "Present" it is.