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FNR April General Elections: All Campaigns and Debates!


Founded January 15, 2016 - United December 25, 2016

FNR April General Elections: All Campaigns, All Debates!

This dispatch is intended to provide an easy to read overview of all debates and discussions with our candidates. Moreover, you can also find links to all campaign dispatches.

Here is a list of who is running for each office in the upcoming April General Elections:

Doctors Orvos

World Assembly Delegate:
Narvatus (Incumbent)

Speaker of the Assembly:
Gufand (Incumbent)
Santo Andreo
People of Nolan

Presidential Candidates:

Doctors Orvos (Running mate: Sparsdan):

The campaign dispatch can be found here:

Orvos Campaign Interview

:Breaking news! i'm TV Reporterball and we received the news that Doctors Orvos, current elected Minister of Culture and the appointed RP Manager and Cartographer, has declared his candidacy for President, again, and i'm here in Italy, specifically in the Emilia-Romagna region, even more specifically in a little town on a hill, to interview Mr Doctors Orvos, let's ring the doorbell...



:Wait, TV Reporterball? didn't Castenor kill you?.

:Reports of my death were greatly exaggerated Mr.Doctors Orvos

:Alright, also, Orvos will do.

:Alright Orvos, we should start the interview, are you ready?

:I have done this before, I can do this again, so yeah, i'm ready!

:First question! since you have declared your candidacy for President you must have a Vice, who is it?


:Wait, I think I know that name...

:Yeah, it should be familiar, isn't it? after all he is a very important person in FNR, let me show you.

(Spardan Discord Profile Image)


:Wait, was the last image relevant?

:Oh, I have put that for error.

:Alright... anyway, yeah, he looks very important to FNR.

:And i'm also pretty important if I can say it myself, over the course of 1 year I have been The Deputy Minister of Immigration, The Minister of Immigration, The RP Manager, the Cartographer and the Minister of Culture, plus I have created the current RP and it's map.

:Alright, second question! what Ministries will be there under you if you win the presidency?

:FNR Erit omnis divisa in partes tredecim

:Ohhhh, latin yet again!

:Yeah, it means "FNR will be divided in thirreeen parts", but I guess I screwed up with latin again probably, anyway thats beyond the point, talking about points i also made yet another map for illustrate my point!

:As you can see under my presidency FNR will be divided like this!

:Oh, good, this time you haven't implied that you are gonna win by putting the president office where your RP nation is.

:Yeah, I wouldn't ever dare to give such subliminal messages.



:I just noticed this.

:Isn't this where your RP colony is? and you put the presidential office there...

:Oh, it's just a coincidence...

:Sure, anyway, let me check this map now, there the Ministry of Roleplaying... good that it's gonna be restabilished, there is also Culture Affairs which I presume is normal Culture... there is Defence and Foreign Affairs, for now it seems the usual.

:Again, look better.

:Wait, Regional Management? and where are Immigration and Internal Affairs?

:Yeah, you see, it's pratically a merge of Immigration and Internal Affairs, My reasoning behind combining Immigration and Internal Affairs is:both Immigration and Internal Affairs are incomplete ministries, Immigration is just all about recruiting, they tell you that you also need to try to convince people to remain but other than welcome them that goal is very vague on how to do it, while Internal Affairs as much more clear on how to convince people to remain and Internal Affairs alone doesn't do much actualy, so, Immigration and Internal Affairs when combined should complete each other.

:I see, where is Regional Admnistration?

:Wait, this can be responded by my running mate Sparsdan.

:It's responsabilities will be given to the Vice President, Vice president doesn't do that much otherwise, and this is not particularly time-consuming. It will help if VP spends more time with ministers helping them around with their tasks and managing everyone's time - including his own. Thus, it connects the VP more with his cabinet while also disbanding a ministry that is not needed, and people interested in the government can be used in better positions.

:I see, what Ministry will be responsable of the Newspaper?

:Ministry of Cultural Affairs, as it should have always been, you see the currently The Ministry of Culture organizes game sessions and fun events in general, while the Ministry of Communication, a Ministry that existed months ago and of which many who are reading this probably aren't aware of, used to produce the FNR News Paper, the FNR News Paper talked about the events that happened in FNR and in our former RP, in theory the current Ministry of Internal Affairs have the job of writing the FNR News Paper, but sadly it's still in developtment, I want to finish the revival of the FNR News Paper, but did it really make sense as it's own Ministry? and did it make sense as part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs? think about it, The Ministry of Culture is works to entertain FNR Members, and what the FNR NewsPaper did? entertain FNR Members! both Ministries had the same purpose but in different ways, while the Ministry of Internal Affairs job are convince people to remain in FNR and update the dispatches, what does The Ministry of Internal Affairs really have in common with the FNR News Paper? We want to inform the Citizens of The Free Nations Region about the happenings in the Free Nations Region in a fun manner. I deem that it only make sense that the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Communication have to be combined to form the Ministry of Cultural Affairs

:I see, can you explain if possible the responsabilities of the Ministries that will be under you if you win?

:I can,

The Ministry of Regional Management job?

Recruit, welcoming new FNR Members and ensuring the satisitifaction of the citizens/user retention but also and innovating the methods of recruitment but will also update the dispatches and create needed dispatches in the FNR official nation and cordinating outward communication with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, oh, and also helping new members in the Q&A helps.

The Ministry of Cultural Affairs job?

Planning regional and inter-regional events, working on and releasing regulary the FNR News Paper, planning game and music sessions and hosting the debate clue mainly, but also assuring that the engagement of FNR citizens is high and new FNR residents are acquired through inter-regional events.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs job?

Managing diplomatic relationships with others regions, assigning ambassadors to the regions with which we have embassies, closing and opening embassies and ensuing inter-regional treaties mainly, but also ensure a positive outward communication & regional image and coordinating military communication with the Ministry of Defense and ensuring Interregional Cultural exchange by working with the Minister of Cultural Affairs

The Ministry of Defense job?

Managing all matters regarding the Free Nations Defense Association. Advising the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the President regarding Regional Security. Provide monthly military reports.

And last but not any less important The Ministry of Roleplay job,

the Ministry of Roleplaying wouldn't have executives (unless you count the roleplayers themselfes) and instead the ones helping the Minister and Deputy Minister of roleplaying are appointed RP IC Moderators, the Minister and his Deputy when elected will become RP IC Moderators by default, the Minister of RP and his Deputy job are managing all things RP Related except map (The map will be still be managed by the Cartographer, myself) and ensuring that the roleplayers are having fun.

Thats all for the Ministers.

:Alright Orvos, how do you...

:Why are you showing me the Italian region called Lazio?

:Fool! i'm 4 parallel universes ahead of you! thats not Lazio! thats the ancient Roman Kingdom!

:But why you are showing Rome again?

:You want me to show Rome again? good! here we go!


:Reject modern nation! we must all return to ancient Rome!

:Anyway... what others plans do you have for your term if you win?

:Well, if i'm elected the positions of President advisors and Community Manager will continue to exist, the Advisors of the President advice the President while the Community Manager will ensure that the Government and the citizens remain in contact and in good relationships, regarding promises I promise I will revitalize FNR by ensuring the activity of the Ministers, I promise to stop the stagnation and have FNR Nations increase once again, I promise to ensure that the FNR News Paper will exist and released regulary, I promise a more organised government. That doesn't only works to retain the current system but actually works to make it better to help in the progress of FNR, i'm confident that I will bring FNR to new heights and I pledge to replicate the big success of our current RP on a region-wide scale during my Presidency, thats all.

:Alright Orvos, thanks for this very... interesting interview

:It was nothing, just my duty, and now it's time for my dramatic exit!


Special thanks to Phoenician State for making the countryball for TV Reporter this time around.
Read dispatch

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Heaveria (Running mate: Tyuleniy):

The campaign dispatch can be found here:


President 2021: Choose Heaveria!

Itís this April 2021 that I announce my bid to become your president for a second term and to build upon the progress of my last term. Much of the revitalization continues until today. Though, I am certain that more can be done and we can be more than stagnant. I am also certain we can set ourselves up for long-term success and prosperity. It is fundamental that we put a focal point on our new members. Through legislative standardization and new traditions, we can ensure that my administration's unique policies centralize and ease the access to opportunities, will continue for multiple generations. We will put an effort into the future blood of FNR.

In addition to the focal point of new members, we need a push out of stagnation and have an increase in our workload. Our World Assembly program has seen few new ideas or implementations of those ideas. Tyulenistan and I have a clear idea of where the WA can head, that we will outline. We also believe that the workload of our ministers is light and can seem slow at times. Unique policies will be implemented to ensure activity whilst assigning more duties in certain ministries.

Thank you for your support in the last term and during my term as Minister of Foreign Affairs. I sincerely hope that our concrete plans and ideas will be a major factor in your continued support.

Centralization & Ease-of-Access
Why? At the moment, things often seem scattered or out-of-date.

Jobs & Oppertunities
Posts about job opportunities are often random and easily missed. We need to simplify the process of showing new people opportunities and how to act upon them. For that, we need to centralize our job listings. That entails:

1. Consistently updated dispatch for job opportunities.
i. With accurate descriptions and a clear path on how to obtain the job.
ii. To include a centralized area for the Apprenticeship Program.

2. Merge apprenticeship information into the Jobs & Opportunities Dispatch

3. Dedicated spot in Discord with all listings.

4. Biweekly prepared telegrams outlining potential opportunities.

For many many administrations, we have promised to simplify and get all dispatches up-to-date. While progress has been made, we must strategically tackle this issue so we can achieve satisfying results.
1. Most importantly, create a schedule with set deadlines. The schedule will span the administration, but depending on staffing could be largely accelerated.

2. Establish a centralized method for requesting dispatch updates. The initial idea is a Google Form, where anyone (especially ministers) can request their changes to dispatches. This keeps a clear queue and logs that allows focused work and oversight by the President.

WA Program
Our WA program has been stagnant for far too long. There are various routes of inspiration to put on our future WA delegate. Unfortunately, our WA program operates on the bare minimum of voting, when there is so much more that can be done.

1. A centralized archive of our decisions in a dispatch with a reason. A prime concept in many well-developed regions.

2. Posting our decisions to vote on WA resolutions on the NSGP forum. This will additionally raise our order in the list of regions and have us stand out more often causing a bump in foreign affairs.

3. Introduce legislation that would mandate the WA delegate at minimum attempt to author WA resolutions.

4. Region-Wide authored resolutions! Not only would bright minds collaborate together and overcome creative roadblocks, but this would be a fun innovative event in which the region collaboratively authors a resolution. This could show to be a door to sparking interest.

5. Majorly enhanced endotarting program. Endotarting is the act of endorsing many nations at once. This would be a two-part program. (1) Through the help of custom code and our bot developer, we could make it easier to receive the list of endorsable nations and receive a direct link to said nation. (2) Through more custom code, we can set up a system in which the WA delegate and his staff are able to filter out new nations that have joined our region. Through this, nations who do not yet endorse the WA can be targeted with telegrams. Not only does a raise in WA numbers positively reflect on the region, but it can a factor in keeping people interested on-site leading to more members.

Foreign Affairs
In order to grow and be successful, it is imperative that the FNR constantly assesses our relationships with other regions in order to focus on those regions that are eager to demonstrate bilateral cooperation. While the FNR has made strides when it comes to our relationship with other regions there are actions that can be taken to strengthen higher-value relationships.

1. Prioritize reciprocal relationships. shutting down embassies, which offer little strategic value to the FNR and that are invaluable partners who cause time-consuming upkeep, can help the region strengthen ties with more beneficial relationships.

2. Appointing ambassadors. In an effort to build a broader coalition of representatives for the region it is imperative that all ambassador positions are filled with knowledgeable and enthusiastic people. The Job & Opportunities Program will help fill positions as needed.

3. Interregional communication and relationship building. By ensuring that monthly updates are posted and that the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Culture work in conjunction to host relationship-building possibilities that bilaterally help both us and our allies.

Unique Policies
If we are to be a Catalyst for Progress, we must stand out and make bold policy decisions:

1. 8-Day Vote-of-no-Confidence Policy. If a member of government is inactive for 8 days, an automatic Vote-of-no-Confidence shall be submitted to the speaker. As is standard procedure, the people will be able to vote on this. We will remain very empathetic and understanding to those who need to take a Leave of Absence and there will therefore be an exception. Though, we must remain consequent to those who arenít part of the regions continuing progress.

Some of my other notable positions in my NS include, but are not limited to:

  • Former President - FNR (The Free Nations Region)

  • New Founder - FNR (Current)

  • Co-Founder & Vice-Archmaster - Kaer Solas (Current)

  • Magister - The East Pacific (Current)

  • Chief Justice - FNR

  • Moderator in various servers (including FNR and Consortium)

  • Minister of Census - UDS (The Union of Democratic States) (Retired)

  • Associate Justice - UDS (Retired)

  • Chief Justice - UDS (Retired)

  • TSP Citizen

  • TEP Citizen

  • SPSF Member

  • Haut Conseil Member - The Consortium

Let's take the success of the last term and continue on with progress!

Do not replicate in part or in whole without permission.

Read dispatch

Cross post from a discord, question asked by Thaelle aka Dyl: page=rmb/postid=43452449

Castenor: page=rmb/postid=43467620

Castenor: page=rmb/postid=43467671


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Castenor (only 1 is relevant for Heaveria): page=rmb/postid=43477032

Heaveria replying to Castenor's questions: page=rmb/postid=43479445

World Assembly Delegate Candidates:


The campaign dispatch can be found here:

--- back to Diplomacy

Obets for WA Delegate
Fun, Caring, Dedicated, and Intellectual Representative: Obets, the perfect Delegate for the betterment of the FNR

This term for Narvatus is almost over. The FNR general elections are coming up. And Obets has just declared candidacy. The Free Nations Region needs a new face in the World Assembly representative's position. This is why Obets is the perfect new face...

The Free Nations Region should be a fun community for all nations to have access to and enjoy. I want to engage in RP, polls, and activities to strengthen the communities in the game. Then we can be a great region, that is renowned all over NationStates!
Caring and Welcoming
The Delegate is one of the most important, and the most payed attention to, part of a region. I feel the delegate must be more involved with regional affairs. We need to reach out new nations and help them. We need to become a welcoming region that pays attention to and loves the people. That is what I am dedicated to. And speaking of dedication...
I spend a lot of time on this game. I am very quick when it comes to issues. As delegate I will be focused on matters at the table and will get things done. I am creative and efficient when it comes to thinking of solutions. I will dedicate myself to this job, it's responsibilities, and all of you and your needs. All for the well being and greatness of the region!
I am smart, I know what I am doing when it comes to a lot of things. I can play a huge role in helping other players, and I know a lot about the game. I also know what I'm doing when it comes to management. As the president of the FNR Centrist Party I have experience in large government positions. I know everything about the game and I know a lot about what I need to do, especially when it comes to the World Assembly. I have experience with leadership, can help all new players, and will be a great leader.
Views on the World Assembly
I have very positive views about the World Assembly. After all, I am running for Delegate. The World Assembly is and International Organization that wants unity, democracy, and international betterment. It is an important element of NationStates.

On the Security council, I take a neutral stance. There are both good and bad elements. I participate in voting for the SC, however there are parts of it that are skeptical and it is understandable that people stand against it.

What I'll Bring If Delegate
Here are things I would like to focus on as Delegate:

1. Delegate participation in proposal approving. If we want things to get done in the WA, proposals must be approved before anything happens. I want to pay my attention on what is happening in the World Assembly, and I will also pay attention to proposals and approve proposals, unlike the current delegate.

2. Further Engagement with the Delegate Position. Delegates are important figures in regions, and should be engaged with the community. I want them to play a role similar to a president, or Minister of Culture.

3. Furtherment of democracy. Obets loves democracy. I also love freedom, and I want to focus on freedom and democracy in policies. After all this is the Free Nations Region!

4. A region-wide proposal system. I want to set up a system where we can all work together to create proposals for the WA. Also, if you create a proposal, let me know immediately! I can then approve it.

5. A new face for the FNR community. This region runs on new faces and new ideas. Put them in charge!

Vote for the betterment of The Free Nations Region! Vote Obets, Fun, Caring, Dedicated, and Intelligent: the perfect Delegate for the betterment of the FNR!

Obets for WA Delegate
Read dispatch


Castenor: page=rmb/postid=43413149

Obets: page=rmb/postid=43414874

Castenor: page=rmb/postid=43416175

Obets: page=rmb/postid=43417032

Castenor (using his other nation Aivintis): page=rmb/postid=43439639


∑ ∑ ∑ Why Narvatus?
Ideas ∑ I do have many ideas on how our position in the WA could be improved. Some of the ideas are:
Extensive Endotarting Incentives: Developing these incentives would go alongside the further technical development of our region, namely through the points system planned for development by Drehtisch/Tigerania. While that system may or may not be developed during this term, further incentives for endotarting would further develop our WA presence.
WA Education and Community Proposal Initiative: While such a program would be quite a lot of work to develop, its results could place the region at the top of the world stage. The program would encompass educating members of the coming WA Department in proposal writing and scrutinization, allowing for the department as a whole to write proposals for both the GA and SC.

Proven Loyalty and Activity ∑ The Delegacy is not a position where you can just get up and leave the office immediately. The position of WA Delegate commands a high degree of loyalty so that the chance of the Delegate ceasing to exist is minimized, as well as the Delegate ensuring that the existing government remains in place in case of the founder nation ceasing to exist. I have provided and will continue provide this loyalty and activity.

Experience ∑ Finally, I have extensive experience with FNR's government. Here are the positions I have held within the region:
∑ Acting President
∑ Vice President
∑ Speaker
∑ Minister of Culture

∑ ∑ ∑ Why Not Obets?

Focuses on Goals outside the Scope of the Delegate ∑ When you read Obets' campaign dispatch, you notice that a lot of the stuff there reads more like a campaign for Minister of Culture or Internal Affairs than a campaign for Delegate.

Lack of Goal Substance ∑ When reading Obets' campaign, a lot of stuff is excessively vague or irrelevant. For the goals that are there, many of them I already want to implement.


Remember, I am not using this to disparage Obets' character in any way, nor am I out to make enemies.

For reference, you can find Obets' campaign below:

After reading this, I hope you'll consider voting for Narvatus for WA Delegate on 8-11 April.

Read factbook

Obets replying to Narvatus' campaign: page=rmb/postid=43470915

Castenor (open the spoiler): page=rmb/postid=43477080

Speaker Candidates:


The campaign dispatch can be found here:

Draft: Subjected to changes
Gufand For Speaker!
April 2021

Who am I?
I am Gufand, your current speaker, and former Minister of Foreign Affairs. I've been working in the government for a few months now, and I know my job very well. I've been fulfilling the duties of the office since then, and I, if re-elected, will keep doing so, and will develop further what should I be doing to encourage more people to get onboard and be active in the legislature.

Achievements so far
Throughout my term, there had been a bunch of achievements in the legislature

  • The legislature reached its' 50th vote

  • The legislature had a record-breaking 12 votes in 6 days

  • Debates being more active in Discord, and now they were brought to the RMB.

What do I plan?
I've planned a few more achievements I'd like to get done in my next term:

  • Increase the amount of bills presented to the legislature, this can be done through encouragement messages, going along other messages posted related to the legislature. Anyone would also be able to contact me if they have any questions, to ensure the quallity of bills, if they are correctly written, and so on.

  • Release monthly a legislative update through a regional telegram, this and the goal mentioned above could be done together.

Secondary Achievements

  • Post a dispatch to serve as a guide(Similar to My Nation's one, but updated) to help future speakers, and to make work faster, and more efficient.

  • Centralize, and compile all existing laws and rules for the legislature into 1 law, to ease the job of the Speaker, and accessibillity from the general public to the legal texts, establishing the Legislature.

Read dispatch

Castenor: page=rmb/postid=43476083

Gufand (open the spoiler): page=rmb/postid=43478041

Castenor: page=rmb/postid=43478284

Gufand: page=rmb/postid=43478514

Santo Andreo:

Santo Andreo has dropped from the Speaker race, citing that he had erred in the race and seeks forgiveness. Santo Andreo did not reply to debate questions asked by Castenor but rather accused him of flaming in a telegram without providing evidence.

Santo Andreo's statement: page=rmb/postid=43491640

People of Nolan:

Hello, fellow friends.
I'm not sure why I am talking here today, I mean, you're probably reading this thinking, oh hey, that's the idiot from the message board!
Yes, but Novostia is "the idiot" in the message boards(and possibly the Discord server). Anyways, I am proud to be announcing my campaign for Speaker of the Assembly. Before writing this dispatch, I didn't know what a speaker did. Then, I found it's a stupidly easy job. So, I decided to take my chance in the bucket. If you vote for me, I will help keep debates moderated so that government doesn't turn into Russian Parliament, with everybody calling one another poopyhead, or the sort. And I feel like that's the only promise I can give you. I don't even know why I'm writing this dispatch for such a boring position. But hey, if I lose, it's no big deal. It probably won't huant my mind for years to come. But if I win, well, yay, I Won! So vote for me, The Worker's Awesomeland of People of Nolan for Speaker of the Assembly this election season!
Communist? Conservative? Centrist?
I don't know either.
Read dispatch

Castenor: page=rmb/postid=43416515

People of Nolan: page=rmb/postid=43419171

Castenor (again, using Aivintis): page=rmb/postid=43439639

People of Nolan: page=rmb/postid=43441276

Castenor: page=rmb/postid=43441291

People of Nolan: page=rmb/postid=43441330

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