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Role Play Moderators in Institute of Cellulose

Roleplaying Moderators (RP Mods) of Institute of Cellulose

Role Play Administrators

Senior Role Play Moderators

Role Play Moderators

    *Alexander the Magnus
    *Joeanian Republic
    *Plus Nova Imperii

    Powers of Admin and Mods

    Role Play Admins have the power to void/unvoid, suspend players and ban nations from the Role Play and can override RP mods. Actions taken by RP Admin need to be confirmed by at least one Senior RP Mod unless 3 RP Admins agree.

    Senior Role Play Mods have the power to to void/unvoid, suspend players. They assist RP admins with certain decisions. They have the power to overide lower RP mods voids/unvoids.

    Role Play Mods have basic powers to void/unvoid, they can make reports to Senior RP mods and/or Admin to suspend players from RP if needed.
    They can not override a fellow RP mods decisions.