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URA Recommendation: Vote FOR "Reducing Microplastics"

URA World Assembly Recommendation

Reducing Microplastics
The General Assembly,

Noting that microplastics can cause adverse health effects to organic life, both physically and chemically,

Concerned by the increasing prevalence of microplastics in water sources, the ground, food, and the atmosphere, especially considering the ability of said microplastics to remain in those environments for centuries,

Recognizing the purposeful and unnecessary inclusion of microplastics in many products, such as plastic microbeads in cosmetics,

Further recognizing that microplastics are released into the environment unintentionally through microfibre textiles, the breakdown of regular plastics, and more,

Desiring a targeted resolution to prevent the further proliferation of microplastics in the environment to protect health, safety, and the ecosystem alike,


  1. Defines “microplastics” as plastics and plastic fragments smaller than 5 millimeters in diameter along the longest length of the particle, which cannot fully biodegrade in water,

  2. Tasks the WA Scientific Programme (WASP) with

    1. Collecting microplastic pollution data in the atmosphere and bodies of water outside of national borders,

    2. Aggregating and analyzing microplastic pollution data using information gathered by and shared between both member states and WASP itself,

    3. Research into the most effective measures that member states, non-governmental organizations, and individuals can take to reduce microplastic pollution,

    4. Communicating these measures to both governments and other non-governmental organizations,

    5. Coordinating further research into microplastic pollution with member states upon request,

  3. Prohibits the manufacturing and sale of products that contain purposefully-added microplastic particles with an exception for

    1. Medication and other medical products for use inside the body,

    2. Plastic nurdles that will be turned into larger plastics during the manufacturing/production of plastics,

  4. Mandates that member states:

    1. Ensure that wastewater treatment plants include processes that are known to significantly reduce microplastic concentrations in water during operation based on WASP recommendations and their own internal research, such as membrane bioreactor treating and rapid sand filtering,

    2. Implement the most effective measures to combat other known sources of microplastic runoff into the environment based on WASP recommendations and their own internal research, such as mandating filtration in laundry machines to reduce runoff from synthetic fibre clothing,

    3. Establish legal frameworks that plastic producers and manufacturers must follow to minimize accidental nurdle pollution, reduce the risk of nurdle spills, and mitigate the effects of spills when they do occur,

    4. Organize educational campaigns and curricula reforms to inform their citizens of the prevalence of microplastics and ways in which individuals can alter consumer behaviour to reduce microplastic pollution,

    5. Track microplastic pollution within their borders to the best of their ability, sharing the gathered data with WASP and using it wherever possible to inform future policy decisions,

  5. Urges member states to take additional steps to reduce the general consumption of non-biodegradable plastic through measures including, but not limited to:

    1. Preventing wasteful plastic packaging (e.g. ‘double packaging’),

    2. Eliminating single-use plastics where feasible,

    3. Researching and developing plastics which can safely biodegrade in water without leaving toxic remains or turning into microplastics,

    4. Promoting other biodegradable alternatives to plastic, and

    5. Promoting and expanding the recycling of products which contain plastics in part or in whole.

This General Assembly resolution was written by Scalizagasti to expand environmental regulations. You can find the drafting thread on the forums here.

The United Regions Alliance recommends that you vote FOR the resolution

The proposal at vote, "Reducing Microplastics," aims to reduce the manufacturing of microplastics and the dangers they pose to the environment and public health. The well-written resolution contains sensible mandates, such as restricting production of microplastics (with necessary exceptions), tracking microplastic pollution and educating the public. There are no objections to this resolution, and its goal is in the interests of both the URA and the World Assembly, so we recommend a vote in favour of this proposal. Also, the author is Scalizagasti, a member of the URA cabinet. He has held me hostage here and forced me to write this IFV. He has my family, please send help immediately!

Legal Disclaimer: I am not actually being held hostage by anyone.

During internal voting, no meaningful comments were given on the LinkURA Discord server.

Internal voting results

Turnout: 13/28 members
Weighted turnout: 69.29%

This document was authored by Honeydewistania on behalf of the United Regions Alliance. Please do not reproduce it without permission.