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Gulf of Ekaitza [WIP]

Gulf of Ekaitza

Location of the gulf

Location of Gulf



Southern Sea

Basin Countries

Aizcona, Keverai,
United Partitions, Wellsia

Surface Area

(I don't know yet)

Average Depth


Max. Depth


The Gulf of Ekaitza, also known as the Argusian Gulf, the Golden Gulf, and the Gulf of Zorre, is a shallow inlet between Argus and the Southern Sea, bounded between the northern shores of South Argus, the southern shores of Central Argus, and the lands comprising Aizcona that connects the landmasses of Argus. It is around --- km in length and up to --- km in width, and has a surface area of ---,--- square kilometers. The gulf is surrounded on the west by Aizcona, on the north by Keverai and the United Partitions, on the south by Wellsia, and opens up to the Southern Sea in the east. The opening to the Southern Sea is bisected by the Island of Wellsia where water flows east through the larger mouth to the Southern Sea and south through the Rmohal Strait.


The modern Estral name for the gulf is the Gulf of Ekaitza. It's names in English are the Argusian Gulf for Keverai and the Gulf of Zorre for The United Partitions. It's name in Wellsian is the Golden Gulf. In Estran, the gulf is historically known as Estran Golkoa.


The Gult of Ekaitza is bordered by Aizcona, Keverai, The United Partitions, and Wellsia. It occupies a seabed area of ---,--- square kilometers. The northwestern tip of the gulf is the Gulf of Galbar at the mouth of the (Name this river) River. The eastern boundary of the gulf is defined by a line from the island of Wellsia to the eastern coast of The United Partitions directly west of San Javier.

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Seabed Morphology

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The larger islands in the gulf include:

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