by Max Barry

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by The Solemn Wanderer of Bruxxa. . 22 reads.

Treason and Treachery

The regional triumvirate, and the founding region The Tavern is long since dead. So too is the true legacy, which died when the first fall of colonial regions, such as The Vincence Kingdom. However, there are pretenders out there, claiming to be the legacy still, even going so far as to claim themselves as the heirs to the Tavern. These are utter lies, and are not to be trusted. I, Dean of Bruxxa, the rightful ruler of the legacy, have cast out any and all from being attached to me. I do this because of disloyalty to the true purpose of my now dead Legacy. Their goals and ideals are too far gone. While some remained loyal, such as the great watcher, Baloo Kingdom, they were too few and far between. However, there loyalty only went so far, and they too allied themselves with the liars and traitors calling themselves tavernians. It is do to this betrayal that I have decided to leave nationstates, at least to the point that all contact to others is cut off, unless necessary, as I shall be monitoring the progress of the aforementioned usurpers.