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The Emperor's Civilisation Day Speech

On the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of the creation of the first LKE forums on 8 April 2006, the following address was delivered by His Supreme Majesty, Theoden, by unquestionable right, Emperor of The Land of Kings and Emperors, King of Norwood, Basileus of Polis, Grand Prince of Niso, Prince of Maxonberg, Doge of Vienna, Autokrator of The Land of Dragonia, Landgrave of Munster, and Voivode and Hospodar of Moldavia.

Today we celebrate Civilization Day. Fifteen years ago, the first LKE forums were opened. These enjoyed substantial growth, amassing over 150,000 posts in the April 2006 to October 2007 period alone, with over 18,000 posts at its peak in February 2007. We mark the success of the early LKE community and their contributions which have provided us with a solid foundation from which we continue our proud traditions of monarchism and imperialism.

It is fitting that as we observe this momentous holiday, we welcome fresh changes in the regional leadership.

Valfor Talleyrand has served the Land of Kings and Emperors with distinction. His sterling record has seen him occupy some of the most important positions of the Imperial Government and of the Imperial Army, becoming Crown Prince and Chief of the Imperial General Staff. I am particularly grateful for the support and assistance that Valfor has given me in his time as a member of the Imperial House, especially as my heir until recently. I depended on his friendship, and the region benefited from his leadership. I sincerely wish him well in his retirement and his endeavors in real life. In recognition of his service, am pleased to re-create him as Duke of Crownchester in accordance with Letters Patent CCXXXIV. Valfor was first invested with the dukedom by Letters Patent CXXXII. As is tradition, he vacated the dukedom on his creation as Prince Imperial in June 2019. This dukedom was subsequently given to Linkin Maximus upon his own retirement. Considering that Valfor has a special association with Crownchester, I have decided that to return it to him following his stepping down as a member of the Imperial House. He is also appointed a Guardian Counselor in accordance with Letters Patent CCXXXV

Linkin Maximus is created Duke of Westexshire by virtue of Letters Patent CCXXXVI. As Linkin is one of a handful of electors who have been part of and contributed actively to the LKE during the early and modern epochs of its history, having joined the forums of the early LKE on 2nd December 2006, it is appropriate to award him a dukedom named after a historic LKE constituency.

Choosing the potential successor to the Crown of the greatest Imperialist region is one of the most important decisions I have to make as Emperor. The first in line to the LKE throne must be a person with strong leadership skills and an unwavering loyalty to the region and our core values. He must be ready to step in to discharge sovereign duties in my absence. These traits are all very present in our choice, Julio of Nulkia-Sova. Julio joined The LKE on 20 July 2017. He has distinguished himself in the Imperial Government, serving in various senior roles including successful stints as Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Exterior of Minister and Speaker of the Estates Noble. He has also been an important representative of The LKE, having significant experience liaising with foreign governments as a representative of the Imperial Government and more specifically as World Assembly Delegate. Throughout this time, he has been a steady and reliable hand, always ready to assist me and the members of the Imperial House. It is very clear to me that Julio has the experience, the capability and the commitment necessary for the heir to the LKE throne.

I am pleased to create Julio of Nulkia-Sova His Supreme Highness, Prince Imperial and Archduke of Maxonberg in accordance with Letters Patent CCXXXVII. He is also appointed the new Chief of the Imperial General Staff, replacing the Duke of Crownchester. He will continue to sit as Lord Chancellor and serve as Imperial Law Librarian.

In addition to his role as Crown Prince, His Supreme Highness is further appointed Assistant Imperial Law Librarian.

John Spencer Talleyrand first became a member of The LKE Community on 18 January 2018. He quickly immersed himself in regional government and politics. Along with Crown Prince Juilio, John emerged to be one of the more successful leaders of their generation. It is a rare feat to ascend the the highest positions in the legislative, executive and judicial branches of the Imperial Government, but John Spencer Talleyrand was able to become Speaker of the Estates Noble, Prime Minister and Lord Chancellor. His leadership and talents are evident in the other roles he played in foreign regions, notably in Balder where he serves as Statsminister. These reveal his discipline, commitment and political acumen; he is eminently well placed and qualified to offer myself and the rest of the Imperial Government with sound counsel, reliable assistance. These will be his primary focus, in his new role as Prince Imperial.

I am pleased to create John Spencer Talleyrand His Imperial Highness, Prince Imperial and Archduke of Vienna in accordance with Letters Patent CCXXXVIII. He is also appointed the new Chief of the Imperial General Staff, replacing the Duke of Crownchester. He will continue to sit as Lord Chancellor and serve as Imperial Law Librarian.

The appointment of the Duke of Crownchester to the Guardian Council has given me the opportunity to confirm the composition of its membership.

Rayregalia Von Arcadia-Sova is one of our most trusted advisers. He has continuously served myself and the Imperial House with dedication, loyalty and dynamism. I am glad that he has accepted my offer for him to help the Lord High Steward lead the most senior counselors of the Emperor. In recognition of his work and previous services, he is appointed the new Vice Moderator of the Guardian Council.

Accordingly, the following shall comprise the Guardian Council:

The Grand Duke of Scoll-Balow-Cambron, Wilhelm Somerset (Moderator)
The Earl of Paddington, Rayregalia Von Arcadia-Sova (Vice Moderator)
The Duke of Crownchester, Valfor Talleyrand
The Baroness of Paraná, Erica von Clair-Arcadia

William Talleyrand, The Viscount of Shaftesbury, has earlier informed me that due to his real life commitments, he is unable to continue serving as an imperial adviser. I have accepted his resignation. I would like to thank him for his loyal service and sincerely wish him the very best as he pursues his real life endeavors.

Finally, I would like to conclude by announcing the Civilization Day Honors List. These individuals have worked very hard and should serve as an inspiration to the other members of the Electoral College. I am delighted to reward their contributions to our community, following the recommendation of the Prime Minister:

For his work as Interior Minister, his assistance in the maintenance of public order and security, and other contributions in the field of imperial culture and community affairs, Zecheriah S. von Arcadia-Sova is made a Knight of the Most Perfect Order of Ortho (KOO/DOO).

For her work as Culture Minister, in providing considerable assistance to the development and growth of the World of the LKE, and regional activity in general, Raeliana von Clair-Rouvier is awarded the Order of Superbus.

My warmest congratulations to everyone!