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Withdrawal of the Order of Thaecia from Indian Genius

Office of the President

Order of Thaecia Withdrawal - Indian Genius

After today's events in Thaecord in which the admin team came to a decision to ban C.M. Indian Genius O.T. from Thaecia for a period of six (6) months, it was decided in agreement with the Honourable Prime Minister to withdraw the Order of Thaecia award from Indian Genius.

The President and Prime Minister do not find the behaviour displayed by Indian Genius acceptable, being privy to some details herself, the President finds it undoubtedly necessary that this distinction is withdrawn from Indian Genius in light of today's unveilings.

It is the opinion of the President that OOC bans should never require an IC procedure to be followed. However, for clarity of the law, such procedure was followed and agreed upon by the Prime Minister. As such, the Order of Thaecia award to Indian Genius is thus declared null and void.