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GA "Repeal: "Voting Equality for Freed Inmates"" Voting Overview


This proposal aims to repeal GA#419 for indirectly allowing members nations to deny prisoners the right to vote.



Uan aa Boa wrote:I support the repeal but not the replacement. Since the WA can't require nations to hold elections it makes no sense to interfere in those that chose to do so. You end up with "furtherance of democracy" legislation that finds fault with the details of some democracies while dictatorships are automatically compliant, which is ridiculous. The spirit if not the letter of the ideological ban rule is that the Assembly should keep out of such matters.

Scalizagasti wrote:"We are generally supportive of this resolution and the replacement as well. 'Tough on crime' narratives have negatively impacted civil liberties and caused widespread disenfranchisement."


Marxist Germany wrote:"Whilst it is understandable that criminals who have served their sentences should have their voting rights reinstated, it is preposterous to propose that incarcerated individuals be able to vote, considering they have violated the law of the land; why should someone be able to vote for something they have shown no respect? Additionally, there are crimes such as voter fraud, for which the most obvious punishment is rescinding the person's right to vote. For these reasons, Germany will be opposing this repeal-and-replace effort."

Hannasea wrote:"Completely opposed. We support a repeal of this resolution, but certainly not one that argues for a replacement that will go even further in allowing the totally undemocratic members of this Assembly to meddle in the affairs of democracies."


Calamari Lands wrote: "Inclined to support, but concerned about the repeal passing and the replacement not doing so, which is worse than the current state of affairs. Additionally, Calamari Lands does not employ prisons. Will most likely stay neutral voting-wise but support the message and content of the replacement."