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SC "Commend Honeydewistania" Voting Overview

Current Proposal: Commend Honeydewistania


This proposal aims to commend Honeydewistania for their work in the GA and in the SC. It also highlights their leadership in the MT Army during anti-fascist operations.



Scalizagasti wrote: I fully support this resolution and its commendee. Honeydewistania has been a great friend to me and also a helpful mentor when I began greater involvement within the World Assembly. So far, I have written two resolution proposals, and both times he helped me in the early stages of my writing. As this commendation mentions, he helped numerous other first-time writers as well. He consistently writes high-quality legislation, and indeed is an incredibly prolific writer in both the GA and the SC. I also had the honour of working with him in both Mariner Trench and the URA, so I can confirm that his contributions outside the WA are also noteworthy. He has been a valuable ally in the fight against fascism on NationStates as part of the MT Army, and like this commendation says, was quite instrumental in certain anti-fascist operations. Honeydewistania has proven himself to be a community leader in both the World Assembly and the greater NS world, and in my opinion has truly earned this commendation.

SouthernSanity wrote:Narrowly for this. Nominee has a wealth of GA authorship and smaller contributions in other areas of the game. The writing of the proposal is conceptually well organized (an improvement on the previous draft of this Commend) but does leave something to be desired in terms of style and flare.

Tepertopia wrote:While the proposal is indeed rather list-heavy for the most part, I think its quality is good enough to not oppose the proposal on these grounds alone, especially since every single one of the nominee's astonishingly numerous WA resolutions which they've (co-)authored - all of excellent quality - does deserve to be named. Their fighting against fascism, alongside helping in region-building, as mentioned in the proposal, then lastly pose the icing on the cake of Honeydewistania's exceptional work for the greater NationStates community, so I believe they are absolutely worthy of recognition by the Security Council in the form of a commendation.


Wayneactia wrote:Wow. Passed some resoultions and conducted unspecified operations on behalf of the MT Army, which apparently cannot be elaborated on?