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by The Kingdom of Yi BD. . 191 reads.

The Yi Royal Family

King Yi X:
Personality: He is a loud outspoken person who doesn’t take any disrespect from anyone. He demands the respect that people give him. His aggressive approach and his semi-oppressive rule helped him gain respect in the kingdom. Taking the throne at age 13, he needed to be cruel to hold on to power. He transformed a failing kingdom into a thriving Empire. He loves his people and tries his best to protect everyone. Known as ”Yi the transformer” he grew the military, grew the economy and made multiple civil reforms.

Queen Yianna:

Personality: Married to King Yi, he crowned her Queen of the Yi Empire. She dated the King at the age of 16. She is loyal, humble and a voice of reason. Born to a fairly wealthy family in Yi City, she was able to get whatever she wanted. But she was reminded that she had to be humble to be respected and liked. Her ability to be the voice of reason for her husband has given her immediate popularity once the royal wedding happened.

Prince Yo II:

Age: 10
Personality: Born to King Yi’s brother, Prince Yo I, Prince Yo has been the heir to the throne ever since his aunt died. But now with Queen Yianna’s coronation, he is now third in line He is a naive young boy who will take the throne once King Yi and Queen Yianna’s death. He is a student at Excelcia Academia and will learn how to lead the Yi Empire.

Honorary Prince Royale:

Age: 16
Personality:He is the brother of Queen Yianna. King Yi named him honorary prince meaning that he doesn’t get any claim on the Yi throne. He is savvy in economics and politics and wants to be PM of Yi Union when he gets older. He is loud, obnoxious and self centered