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Jean-Andou Flaubert, Head of State of France

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Jean-Andou Flaubert
Жан-Анду Флобер

Chef de l'Etat de France
GLG: Xefa do Estado de Francia
RU: Глава Французский Государства

Everything is fine... Everything is fine... Everything is fine...

My Full Name:

Jean-Andou Flaubert

My Birth date:

[Information Removed]

My Place of birth:

[Information Removed], Algeria

My Religion:


My Spoken Languages:


My Position(s):

Head of State of Vichy France (1952)
Eurocommunist Resistance Fighter (1948)

My Marital status:


My Spouse:


My Children:


"Sometimes, I can see things I'm not supposed to see. Such as someone watching me, someone controlling my everyday actions, someone admiring me in the wrong way... I can feel someone looking at me with the eyes of a lecherous rat." - One of my conversations... with myself.

My Biography

My Younger Days

My name is was Nicole Andou Segouin, born in Algiers YOU DON'T NEED TO KNOW, I was raised into a family of three, myself, my disgrace of a father, and my useless mother in Algeria, we moved condemned ourselves to Mainland France sometime in 1939 USELESS INFORMATION. While in condemned to the mainland, I began to find interest in music, because it made me happy was a way to break the petty moral system put in place by the bourgeoisie. I began to practice music as a side hobby, but of course, I still went to school condemned myself to brainwashing by the bourgeoisie.

Life in the Mainland was good, I got to enjoy making friends good people I've lost to war, I was having fun at school institutions for the chained, eventually I found myself working being forced into unpaid labor, earning a meager amount of money worthless amount of money. Soon, my father would enlist in the French Army, while my mother was stuck with me. I enjoyed LOATHED her company, life was good oppressive in the mainland.

My experiences with the War and the Resistance

I was at first, fearful of the war. I was young at that time, and I never expected a war to actually happen, but when I got word of the Germans and Italians launching their invasion, I was shocked. My young mind expected the worst. You see, I read all about the South Germans and their evil ideology, Drexlerianism. I was confident that the communists, as glorious as they were, to keep them at bay, alongside the Allied Nations... I was wrong. Horribly wrong. I was taking a stroll in Vichy, with my other friends, when they attacked. They attacked with impunity and did not stop, they dropped out of the sky, and opened fire on anyone foolish enough to attempt shooting at them. I ran the other way, alongside my other friends.

My old home on the mainland, now ruins...

I hid alongside my friends with my mother, we were always fearful. I was fearful of what happened to father, my mother was fearful of what would happen to us should the South Germans ever find us. My friends were scared, I think I remember one of them crying himself to sleep during the night, not that I could blame the young man. I think I was... nineteen? I was nineteen when all of this occurred, so I was fairly certain the South German soldiers would view me as a prime target... bastards. After six weeks of hiding, me, my friends, and my mother fled Vichy and headed somewhere else, hoping to evade the South Germans. And maybe live one more day, though that was a big maybe. At least, it was affirmed for me. Not so much for my other associates.

We fled northward, and we stopped at a place which I forgot the name of. Not that I want to remember, anyway. It's where they would meet their demise. When we settled there, we realized we had almost nothing to sustain ourselves with. Food, water, and even clothing were scarce in the area we settled in. So, I volunteered to gather food, clothing, and maybe, in case, some weapons. Of course, I thought of that last decision. Everyone else wanted food and clothing. Cowards, not even willing to pick up a gun. It wasn't all good, as I indeed got food and clothing, but I had to run into... multiple problems to get them. In particular, one soldier wanted to do that with me... I gave him his wishes but then murdered him as soon as he undressed. Dumb bastard. I also began to learn what was happening outside of France. The Allies and the Soviets were killing each other, to my horror. But they were also killing the Axis, which was good. Those bastards need to pay.

We continued these 'supply runs' as we desperately needed to feed ourselves. Later on, I wouldn't be alone in searching for supplies and weapons. Two of my friends joined me, and we began our routine of going out, finding an Axis vehicle, ambushing it, then taking the supplies back home. As long as we could feed ourselves, at least. One day, I stole a radio from a German halftrack and brought it back home. I fiddled around with the signals until I could get something. And something I did indeed get. The Allies were advancing! France could finally be free! I was excited, I was happy. France could finally be free from the Axis. I was ecstatic. Nothing could stop my happiness!

Then it happened. One day, while out on a supply trip, I was going back home when on the way I heard massive explosions, explosions that could only mean something. It was a bombing. I realized that the explosions were near my new home. And I raced against time to get back there, hoping in vain that my friends and mother were unharmed. When I went back. They were dead. All of them. Mother was crushed under rubble, but that was merciful compared to the fates of my friends. One of them, impaled next to a fire, another, bisected in half. In grief, I stayed there. Hoping that the Allies would rescue me. They never came.

Eurocommunist Resistance conducting house raids.
I joined them after the found poor old me.

I wandered across France, searching for something to do. My mother is gone, my friends are gone. There was nothing I could do. I also stumbled upon father, or, correctly, what remains of him. The only way I could recognize my own father was through taking a look through his hat, and finding a photo of us. I'm sad glad he died, I DON'T miss him. I took his hat and wore it as my own, as one more thing I could do for him. I'm sure he would've liked me wearing the hat anyway. One day, while wandering the lands, I stowed away in a German truck. I'm fairly certain that its driver was dumb enough to not notice me. And I fell asleep, but when I woke up... something was different. I took a look at my surroundings... and found myself surrounded by men with guns. I introduced myself af ter a rapid-fire explanation, and they introduced themselves as well. Eurocommunist resistance. I remembered that I had nothing to do... so I did what logically, anybody would do. I joined the Eurocommunists.

My Revolution, My France

Me, Right Here

"When is the day, Comrades?" - The motto of the Resistance Cell I was with.

My Education

My Personality and Personal Life

"I was made as a person to be free, I was meant to be running around the streets of France, free from all the pettiness of this world. So, yes, I can take off my clothes and run around without them!" - A particularly embarrassing exchange I had with an old couple.

Truth be told, I don't like talking about myself because it reminds me too much of my old lifestyle. The time where I was shackled to morality, reality, and its tyranny by people who didn't know anything but obedience and enslavement. But I suppose, for the glory of Futurism and Acceleration, I shall. Where do I begin? Ah, yes. My personality. Most people would call me unhinged but there's a teensy tinsy problem to that accusation. We're all insane, it just affects us differently. If I were to describe myself, I'd be a person broken from the chains of society, morality, ethics, and other petty articles still fought for by the corrupt governments of the AN, Axis, and Sovintern.

Some of my personal, non-political beliefs are quite simple. I dislike wearing clothes at times, seeing them as a reminder of what used to limit my freedom and acceleration. So I take them off. After all, France is a nation accelerated beyond the need for morality so why not adapt to it? I don't really enjoy eating sweets, they remind me too much of the people I hate. You know, the ones that ruled over us with an iron fist, the bourgeoisie. Oh, oh, I also seem to have an active liking to... drawings. Some of the artists here, specifically the Asian ones, are downright weird. But their content is entertaining, so I let them spread it around.

On to my personality, when elaborated, I generally believe myself to be free of morals, but sometimes I ask people, especially my staff, what I am morally, at least in their opinion... They simply chalk it up to this; a chaotic, well-intentioned patriotic radical. I would not label myself with things that I associate with the life I left behind, but this amused me. So I'm taking their word for granted. They're trustworthy people, I suppose. I generally do believe that what I am fighting for is right, though. And I do mean the best for France, as South German devastation wreaked the nation, I simply did what I could do and rescued it from total collapse.

When it comes to my work life? I work and suffer daily to provide for France. I live for France, for Accelerationism, and Futurism. I will die for France, Accelerationism, and Futurism. You can say I'm a workaholic, at the very least I consider that a compliment. A true testament as to how much I suffer and put myself through excruciating pain in order to provide for my beliefs. But, at the end of the day, I am a human. I cannot provide for France forever, so once I die... I just hope that my successor will continue the Futurist and Accelerationist tradition I put. In the name of the new man!

Now, before you ask 'Jean-Andou, what about your relationship life?' I can answer that for you. I'm not interested in love, for now at least. I simply don't have the time to dedicate my attention to a working relationship when I have to keep working. Working, and working, and working, and it just repeats. At the very least, I could maybe serve as a 'test subject' in helping people in their relationships before they move on to other women. Though, I do have a 'love interest', you can say. An ex-British soldier. Canadian, at least that's what he says. Someday, once my work for France is done, I can try settling in with him. That man might need some help.

Fun Facts about me!

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My Political Views and Works

My political views are... Well, they're something. I'm an Accelerationist Eurocommunist. I lean heavily on Eurocommunism, but I also support Accelerationism, because Accelerationism is the future of humanity. I have an aversion of sorts to Drexlerianism, it's the ideology of an evil, vile scumbag. Alongside that, honestly? My opinion on liberal democracy is... it's a disgrace to civilization. It's nothing more than a puppet for petty morals and restraints. Though I don't really care about religion, people can worship what they want, I have no business with them.

I don't really care that much for the Germans and Italians stuck in my nation. They damned themselves to this nation, so they deserve to be a part of it. I'm fairly supportive of those people who damned themselves to hell, they're Honorary Frenchmen, I suppose. Now that they're a part of us, we can finally get guided into the brightest future that France can offer itself, with no petty restrictions from 'morality' or 'ethics' shackling us to the words of dead men. Oh, and, truth be told, I don't really care about the other movements, I only want to accelerate France into a glorious future.

About Technocracy... well, I'm a major supporter of it. In my opinion, the ways of Sciences are the only way that French culture and Eurocommunism can survive this decaying world. I do not want a mere mouthpiece, no, I want capable people with their technical abilities to be the rulers of France, not some old, overweight noble who deserves to be executed anyway. In order for Futurism, France, and Eurocommunsim to show its full potential, we need people with actual knowledge of what they're doing, people with their technical knowledge and skills, not people who merely fetishize technology and nothing more.

On morality... it's useless. It serves no scientific purpose, and is just there to restrain what a true person is. Morality, for me, is a rather interesting subject, as it's... interpreted in many ways by both the scientific community and the non-scientific community. It's certainly something unique and detrimental in my opinion. I personally despise the 'black-and-white' views that quite a few people hold, they're simply too... immature for my taste. I mean, I hate people who view the world like this, so I'll simply kill them, it benefits the scientific community, after all.

When we talk about forms of Futurism and Accelerationism that exist aside from Accelerationist Eurocommunism, I find myself agreeing with a lot of their policies, because they're interesting to me, they're something that I want to impliment. Surrealism is also a topic of great interest to me, as the ideology itself is... the eventual result of man being stripped to his 'true' self. Surrealism is, from experience, a sensation of being 'reborn', with the old man being washed away by the New Man, one reduced to mere instinct, one reduced to his genuine feelings and not just the mask we put on.

I personally see myself as France's liberator against Reality itself, the Greatest Supreme Leader, or at times, Le Patron, though interestingly I shudder as if I have fear when I hear that name. As I look back on my ideology, I realize that I am no mere woman, I am no mere object for the nobles to stare at and gawk. No, I am a New Man, I am free from societal norms, I am free from the petty morality set in place by men before me. I can do whatever my heart desires. I am Jean-Andou, and I am France's savior.

Quotes from Me!

"Horror. Horror is a subjective word, it has many faces, it can appear to only specific people, it can sometimes have no effect on other people. But if there's anything consistent with Horror, it's that Horror can appear at any time, on any thing." - My thoughts on Horror as a term and genre.

"I abandoned that name now, silly fool. I'm now a new person, so please, please refer to me as Jean-Andou." - A conversation I had with someone I once knew.

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