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The Oneid Royal Family

Emperor Tomas Lovekost V
Personality:At first glance, Tom seems like a kind and caring person who cares deeply about his people and his country but under his mask is an extremely sadistic person with very little care for people he does not consider his family, friends,Oneid people and allies. He proved this evil side by introducing slavery for the newly conquered territories, by genocide campaigns for peoples who refuse to submit, by initiating wars of conquest just for fun, and many other things.
He showed his good side by really loving his wife and being a good father to his children.

Empress Caitlin Simson
Personality:At first glance, she seems similar to her husband in terms of intricate personality and beliefs. Like her husband, she is a great lover of war and struggle. But when the masks are taken off it is revealed that she is much worse and more sadistic than her husband and it is revealed that she loves only her native tribe, her husband and her children. All others that do not belong to one of these three categories, are insects that need to be exploited and exterminated. Despite her evil persona, she is not without good qualities because she showed care for her native tribe where she grew up, her husband whom she loves and her children whom she adores. One of her redeeming qualities is to support women's rights and the rights of sexual and gender minorities.

Other family[WIP]
* 7 children Tomas and Caitlin (4 boys and 3 girls)
* 2 brothers and 3 sisters of Tomas Lovekost
*Bevis and Paige Lovekost (King's father and mother)
*Grandmother and grandfather of Tomas Lovekost
*13 nephews and niece of Tomas Lovekost
*3 Uncles and 2 Aunts of Tomas Lovecost
*Great-uncle of Tomas Lovekost
*3 brother-in-law of Tomas Lovekost
*1 sister-in-law of Tomas Lovekost
*1 brotherís mother-in-law of Tomas Lovekost
*12 Cousins ​​of Thomas Lovecost

Total Oneid Royal Family member:54