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South Queenslandia Decides '87 (Start Date)

The results are for the 1987 SQ election, and they are;
SQLP (South Queenslandia Labour Party) - 43% - 75 Seats
QSCRP (South Queenslandia Conservative Reform Party) - 30% - 53 Seats
GP (Green Party) - 11% - 19 Seats
LibDem (Liberal Democrats) - 10% - 18 Seats
FDP (Free Democratic Party) - 6% - 10 Seats
Total Seats - 175 - Majority = 88 Seats

The result is a landslide win for the Labour party, increasing their vote share by more then 11% from 1984. This is the first time since 1965 that the Labour party has come first in any nationwide election. The Tories however have been shattered, going from 41% of the vote down to 30% and losing around 20 seats. The Greens and LibDems have had their best results since 1943, and it's Labours best result since 1923, and the largest % of seats ever. The Capital of Neuve swung hard to the Labour party going from 31% of the vote to 53% of the vote after party modernisation and moderation allowing them to win the trust of business.

Further explanation for the domination of the Labour party in the election is their commitment to further marketise the countys economy, whilst making sure the unions and working class benefit from this by tapering the more extreme aspects and pledging to expand social programs. All parties bar the QSCRP pledged to further marketise the economy in some manner following review after review by economists saying the Queenslandian Economy needs to marketise and undergo large scale reform to be competitive. The SQCRP under longtime leader Malcolm Torch refused this and continued to support the isolationist policies the country has had since 1918.

The QSLP has formed a Government with the Liberal Democrats with C&S from the Greens giving them a total seat count of 112. For day to day legislating, the SQLP and LibDems have a cobined seat count of 93, giving them a total majority in the House of 11 seats when including the greens as part of the opposition.

The Labour leader has declared a fresh start for the country and they will begin implementing their agenda as soon as the house sits and will introduce a budget right then and there to prepare the country for the economic reforms that lay ahead