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The Odawan political parties and climates

Odawa is a multi-party democracy with the main party being the Liberalist party, other wise known as the Workers Union. This party formed as a result of a merger between 5 parties: this book shall detail the history of the 5 main parties, as well as the ideologies of each of them.

The Liberalist party is the largest of all, holding 48 of 100 seats in the Democratic Assembly, and a popular count of 48 million. It mostly focuses on free rights, as well as an agenda of state business. The party formed around the 1960s, but it wasn’t until the early 70s that they started to gain traction. They have held considerable power since 1976.

The second largest party is the New Democracy party, holding 23 seats in the DA, and holds considerable leeway in the house. They started off as a breakaway party after the Liberalist party suffered an embarrassing defeat in 1980 by the Conservative party. They were originally very small, but started to gain prominence in the late 1980’s. They embody a more centrist idea set, generally considered a “third way” party.

In third place is the Conservative Party. They are the oldest party in Odawa, being formed as early as 1933 in response to the Great Depression. However, it wasn’t until the late 1940’s that they started to win seats in the DA, reaching its zenith in 1950 with 46 seats. In the late 1960s however, they started plummeting in the polls after boycotting civil rights. The party started to regain traction in the 80s, until ultimately being nearly destroyed in the election of 2003. Since then, they exist in a somewhat prevalent form, holding 15 seats. They tend to be more religious, but less leftist.

The next party was formed as a merger between the Nationalist party and the Populist party to form the National Populist party. They merged in 2008 after both parties lost all but 1 seat in the DA. They mainly focus on ideas of cultural identity and religion, but more leftist than the Conservative Party. They have 8 seats.

The final party is the Progressive Party. Formed in the 1970s, they mainly focus on giving people a more broad range of economic freedom. They used to be an obscure party until winning a seat in 2013 in the DA. They currently have 6 seats.