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April 2021 Hussar Card Raffle


April 2021 Card Raffle

The East Pacific has a large, gallant standing army of Hussars. These nations, by doing their patriotic duty of endorsing the Delegate and the Viziers, have assisted the East Pacific in maintaining its security. They are our region's heroes. Of course, this duty cannot go unnoticed and unrewarded. Thus, the East Pacific is proud to present this month's card raffle, where 10 Hussars are eligible to win a Legendary or Epic Card. This is a gift to our soldiers, in thanks for their service.

Wait, how was this raffle decided?!

The raffle was determined by selecting all Hussars and all Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army staff, and giving each a single number. Then, a random-number generator site was utilized to select the 10 nations who would receive a legendary or an epic! This was done to ensure that the raffle was conducted in a fair manner.

So without further ado, here are the Hussars who won a card this month!

Thank you for your service, Hussars!

If you are a Hussar but you did not win a card this month, don't worry! Another raffle will be conducted sometime next month in order to reward more Hussars. Just make sure to keep endorsing the Delegate and the Viziers, and you will eventually get the reward due for your service. In the meantime, if you want to learn how you can endorse more nations, make sure to visit REWARD's ABOUT dispatch to learn more about how to endorse people fast!

Hail the Hussars! Hail the East Pacific!

3 14159265358979323846264, A Slanted Black Stripe, Abadong, Abtracnt, Acronis, Adavan, Adolanta, Aeljae, Airrajul, Aivintis, Albrook, Alttaea, Am Echad, American-Cascadia, Amjedia, Anarchica landia, Anfair, Aquyia, ArenaC, Argentianworkslasia, Arkalarius, Arkantis, Arunika, Awestre Gorend, Baguette Commune, Barfleur, BearStackof2015, Beausylvana, Bekhaulochin, Bermay, Bharatewa, Biggstonia, Blobbo, Blobon, BowPen, BuciLand, Bullpups, Cameronia Excellentia, Can Badia, CANZUK 1, Catlovenia, Cellar Doors, Centrical Union, CheeseBurrito, Chria Deau, Colyn, Concentus, Constervatania, CopyCato, Coruh, Crucifer, Cryria, Cvetopia, Dahom, Danares, Dannemarie, Darristan, Davinhia, Debluu, Distro-Spartica, Dragonia, Dravida India, Drunken Seal Islands, Dutchessionincotania, Eagle Crest, Eastern Alksearia, Eastern Hyront Scassen, Eldi, Elejamie, Empire of Dabiristan, Enlil, Enou, Eumania, Euricanis, Faid, Farangia, Federated States of Zootron, Federation Of Columbian Republics, Federation of Knights, Fellon, Fontesia, FreedomIand, Freedomindia, From New World, Generousity, Getodaci, Goodnamesarerare, Greater Frost, Greater New Cassandra, Greater Novast, Gunov, H-Zhena, Harmonic Yeetlandia, Harpiatopia, Headpat Central, Heatherspike, Hexyia, Hifau, Icelandic Imperium, Imperial Akatsuki, Impia Aghte, Indonesia Soekarnoisme, Insolandie, Interdimensional Waifus, Iodinia, Jamitri, Janoobi Jazair, Johor DT, Jonathan Schmidt, JosheNation, Joundia, Jove Mahmo, Juliania Secundus, Kagorg Bra Corna, Kaldrbuth, Kangarawa, Karatol-Advenra, Kelsyth, Kendow, Khadah, Kilkire, Kriov, Krommenland, Kublam, Kucia, Kunstistan, Kyalgray, Kyrtizhan, La Isla Nueva, La xinga, Layngderfleethe, LibRight Libertarianism, LIGHT-STARS, Lingu, Loritto, Lorrana, Lorynia, Lueva, Lurolona, Mania-Mertia, Marimazima, Mecsherstein, Meerkat Land, Merlovich, Miguelandia, Modra, Moewland, Molaro, Monezambique, Monix, Monteconstance, Mundiferrum, Nevertopia, New Bobby, New Bradenia Ghost, New Era states, New Liberitad, Nifalembria Zamingstan, Nordic Eurasia, Norna Chitya, North Bernia, North Insomnia, Northern Celavon, Nossepachina, Nurmani, Obridles, Of Centralist Brexit, Oofery, Outer Verron Swicia Islands, Ozakha, Pacifist Cowards, Packilvania, Pangea Begins, ParaSymmetry, Peatiktist, Pekweng, Pernoss, Phovatian Empire, Picklonia, Pirnovo, Pledonia, Quebec-and-Maritimes, Rabarbarys, Rainbow Vests, Raneve Brusertheatel, Ravaria, ReeK, Republic of New India, Republoslavia, ReReReRepublic, Retreat, Rhealaliit, Rhothstan, Ridann, Roissyland, Rokaku, Roliganistan, Sacon Stal, Saint Richelieu, Saladass, Santa Dystopia, Sapre, Schwarzwalde, Sen Jast, Seri Tai Republic, Servants of Gizmo, ShahdomOirdemAerdwid, Sicilianzo, Slonful, Slys Paws, Socialist Holy American Empire, Soleil8, Solek, Spellsong, Spiruvania, Stellar Colonies, Strudelia, Sunsistan, Survivoristan, Talitoa, Tassirion, Taurora, Tawuse, Technocratic Tagalog, The Almighty Country, The Armed Savages, The Death Syndicate, The Dracos, The Empire of Rijelv, The Green Blade, The Holy Empire of Illyria, The island of Kiria, The Kulaata Islands, The Militarius Imperium, The New Tace, The Rolenia empire, The Sanguine Hand, The solar ottomans, The Soviet Space Commie Union, The Three States of Fortuna, Tierra Fuego, Tissandra, Tri Lita, Trimmania, Trulu, Tshana, Ultravisionary Soviets, Ulvesogullr, Unger under over, United China Nation, United socialist states of amerika, United States of Masbate, Universalius, Vannah, Vessarlian, Veterans Association, Vizh, Wakeopolis, Wallenburg, Wanabe, Wapl, Washingtonian Order, West Nagato, Wiranath, Wisdoms and Knowledges, Wolemoer, Wolframberg, WoodFinch, Xestreassau, YSG Hermitcraft, Zang0, Ze Noobalingas, Zeiberland, Zwen