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Spring Into Action! - Regional Endorsement Event

Spring Into Action! - Regional Endorsement Event

What is this?

This is a regional endorsement event designed to help you get a higher endorsement count, and to propel The North Pacific to #1 in the world for average endorsements. Oh, and there are plenty of prizes to go around!

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TL;DR: Endorse others and win prizes!
~ If you are not already a World Assembly member, join the World Assembly.
~ If (or once) you are a World Assembly member, become a Keeper of the North.
~ Then, proceed to Linkendorse as many WA nations in The North Pacific as you can.
~ Check in every day to make sure that you've Linkendorsed every WA nation in The North Pacific.
~ Use Linkthe endorsement tool to send a telegram asking nations to endorse you back!
~ Tell your friends and advertise the event on the Regional Message Board! The way the event works, every additional nation that Linkendorses the region increases our progress towards our regional goals, and therefore increases your odds of winning more prizes!

Tell me more!


As you may know, the Security Council of The North Pacific is responsible for keeping our region safe. To that end, we ask World Assembly (WA) nations to endorse the Security Council, along with the Delegate and Vice Delegate. This mission has led to programs such as the Keepers of the North and its associated rewards.

But this event isn't about us. It's about you. This event is dedicated to helping individual TNPers raise their endorsement counts, and by extension propel our region to #1 in the world for average endorsements. TNP nations can easily attain endorsement numbers vastly exceeding 700, more than in any other region. As of writing, our Delegate has over 1100 endorsements! Now is already the best time for you to get involved and raise your endorsement count, with our top-tier World Assembly Development Program, monthly awards, and three daily lotteries. And it just got even better: during this event, you'll be able to win more valuable prizes just for endorsing your regionmates! You'll also get your nation promoted for others to endorse just by participating in the event!

How long is this event running?

Spring Into Action! will run for three weeks, starting on [START_DATE] and concluding on [END_DATE].

What are the regional goals?

For this event, we have one set of regional goals, which will help us reach our ultimate goal of making The North Pacific #1 in the world rankings for average number of endorsements. Each regional goal that we reach will unlock another regional prize, such as determining the flags, pretitles, and mottos for the entire Security Council for a week via poll! Additionally, reaching more regional goals unlocks additional card prizes for you to earn!

Where We're At

Our current regional endorsements

345,508 endorsements

Next regional goal (1)

350,000 endorsements

Our regional goals aim to increase the total number of endorsements exchanged within The North Pacific.

Collective Endorsement Goals

Goal 1

Reach 350,000 endorsements (we've been around here recently)

Goal 2

Reach 360,000 endorsements

Goal 3

Reach 370,000 endorsements

Goal 4

Reach 380,000 endorsements (this'll land us the #1 spot in the World Rankings)

Goal 5

Reach 390,000 endorsements (this'll solidify our buffer in the World Rankings)

Goal 6

Reach 400,000 endorsements

If every WA nation increases their given endorsement count by a measly 50 nations, we will easily reach Goal 6 by the end of the event. You will need to endorse enough nations to account for any nations you are already endorsing that might CTE during the event. For this reason, we'd recommend endorsing at least 100 more nations. Better yet, Linkjust endorse all of them! Seriously, it doesn't take long at all, and it makes you eligible for our lucrative individual prizes.

What are the individual goals?

Our individual goals are really simple, and you can do them all in an evening with a few extra minutes of effort every day or so:

Individual Endorsement Goals

Goal 1

Become a Keeper of the North

Goal 2

Endorse at least 90% of the region's WA nations

Goal 3

Have at least 600 endorsements of your own

And that's all! If you achieve your individual goals and help advertise the event to others, we'll achieve our regional goals in no time!

How can I achieve my individual goals?

That's easy!

  1. Join the World Assembly.

  2. Become a Keeper of the North.

  3. LinkEndorse every WA nation in the region.

  4. Check every day to make sure that you've Linkendorsed any new WA nations in The North Pacific.

  5. Use Linkthe endorsement tool to send a telegram asking nations to endorse you back.

  6. Tell your friends and advertise the event on the Regional Message Board.

How do I ask people to endorse me back?

That's easy! Just send them a nice telegram saying that you've given them an endorsement and asking them to return the favor. Here's a sample telegram to get you started:


I just gave your nation a World Assembly endorsement, and just wanted to ask if you could please endorse me back: @@YOUR_NATION_LINK@@

Endorsing other WA nations in The North Pacific helps keep our region safe, and contributes towards our ongoing endorsement event. Check it out if you have time!

Thank you,


Are we any close to achieving these goals?

We will be periodically providing progress updates through posts on the regional message board, as well as telegrams to all nations in The North Pacific. In the meantime, you can track our progress towards the regional goals using the graph below (you can click the image for an interactive version of the graph):


How can I check my progress towards my individual goals?

We will be running a scoreboard tracking all TNPers who have endorsed at least 90%, 60%, and 30% of the region's WA nations. Additionally, we will be tracking all Keepers of the North and new WA nations, along with the top 50 TNP nations by endorsement increase since the beginning of the event.

What about prizes?

You help make our region safer and stronger! But that's not all: We have three sets of incentives to further motivate everyone to help us meet our regional goals.

First, by actively participating in this event, you can win some of the most valuable NationStates trading cards for free!

~ Throughout the event, we will run a daily lottery awarding a legendary card to a winner selected from among nations endorsing at least 90% of the WA nations in the region.
~ At the end of the event, we will run a single-day lottery awarding a large number of legendary cards (7 cards per achieved regional goal, for a maximum of 42 cards if all goals are achieved) to winners selected from among all WA nations in TNP that are endorsing at least 30% of the region.
~ At the end of the event, we will run a single-day lottery awarding 6 legendary cards to randomly selected winners from each of the first five award categories (so endorsing 90% of the region immediately quadruples your lottery odds!).
~ At the end of the event, we will award one guaranteed legendary card to every nation with over 600 endorsements of their own.

All of these awards are in addition to our existing three daily legendary card lotteries and monthly WADP awards, which good performance in this event will directly boost your chances of winning! Do note that all daily legendary lotteries exclusive to this event will be awarded at its conclusion.

Second, we have a large set of individual awards for your bling collection! You can see the table below for details, and you can use the scoreboards linked at the top of the dispatch to track your progress towards winning the first four of these individual awards.

Individual Awards[/tr]

Endorse 30% of all WA nations in TNP

Endorse 60% of all WA nations in TNP

Endorse 90% of all WA nations in TNP

Top-50 for increase in endorsements given since the beginning of the event

Safekeeper: Be a Keeper of the North

RMB Hero: Advertise the event on the RMB

WA Recruiter Champion: Recruit new WA nations!

Third, we have 6 region-wide collective rewards that have nothing to do with cards or badges! For each regional endorsement goal reached, the region will vote on another regional award! These awards are still to be determined, on account of the ongoing general election. However, there is one set in stone: achieving the first regional goal (350,000 collective endorsements) will allow the region to vote on flags, mottos, and pretitles for the entire Security Council for a week! Of course, these prizes will need to be nominated first. Nominations will run until the end of the event. Nominations for selecting the Security Council's custom fields are now open in ---this forum thread---.

What if I'm in the North Pacific Army?

Of course, we don't want members of the LinkNorth Pacific Army to feel left out. That's why every active member of the NPA will receive one complementary legendary card at the end of the event.

Are there any additional materials I can use to improve my performance?

The WA Development Program has a lot of information that you can use while participating in this event. In particular:

As always, the region's Linkendorsement tool is your main way of endorsing other nations and participating in this event.

Who is running this event?

Spring Into Action! is an event run by the Security Council and sponsored by the Delegate of The North Pacific. Please contact Vice Delegate Cretox State with any comments or questions you may have.

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