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by The Imperial Queendom of Regna Loreau. . 79 reads.

The Third Jocospite Decree

The Winter Palace, Helsinki, Regna Loreau.

Nations of the Confederation,

As of 0332 Hours Anova Standard Time, the Second Armistice of Vocryae has been signed, bringing to an end the Third Civil War in the Confederation. As this is being typed, the CDF is disarming the armies of the Traditionalists and are carrying out the terms of the treaty, be it occupation or stabilisation.

The War is over.

Thousands lay dead for another pointless conflict that only drove apart our nations and split the Confederation, and turned the ire of its member nations upon each other. I once again make clear my desire for another such conflict to never occur, despite it being a forlorn wish. There will come a time when some petty squabble will ignite another conflict of such similar scale within the Confederation, or perhaps an even worse one.

If any of you expected some decisive action to be taken, I can offer you no such thing. It must be up to the nations involved to make a scenario that will prevent such a conflict from reigniting later down the line, or at the very least, to mitigate its scale to the point that it can be dealt with swiftly, and not with the deaths of thousands and the invasion of our Emperor's land for the third time in as many years. The simple fact of the matter is that nations such as Regna Loreau will not be around to take decisive action always, and in turn it must be up to the Confederation as a whole to stand together against the true enemies, those from without, not from within.

Thus, seeing as the Purpose of my Office as Despot has been completed, I, Her Imperial Majesty, Empress of India, Queen of the
Outlying Islands, Regina of the North, Kaiserin of Prussia, Regina Imperatina Viktoriya IX formally resign my post as Despot of the Confederation, and declare the formal reopening of the Imperial Senate, and the start of Elections on the 14th of May.

The office of President will remain vacant until the elections conclude. I bid you all auf wiedershen and Farval.

Gloria Fortis Miles

Regina Imperatina Viktoriya IX
The Royal Family of Montgommery
The Imperial Queendom of Regna Loreau

Hail to the Confederation