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Annual National Spending

Annual National Spending and Current GDP
(To be updated every fiscal quarter)
Disclaimer: A new fiscal quarter starts on the first of August every year

GDP = 3.5 Trillion USD
GDP PP = 27,667 USD
Avaliable funds for public spending: 1,050,000,000,000 (30% of 3.5 Trillion)

Public Spending Figures

Defense and Military: 250 Billion USD

Infrastructure and Industry: 200 Billion USD

Welfare and Social Programs: 100 Billion USD

Business/Co-op Subsidies: 100 Billion USD

Administration: 50 Billion USD

Law and Order: 100 Billion USD

Public Transport: 50 Billion USD

Environmental Spending: 100 Billion USD

International Aid: 100 Billion USD